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sunnyside Posts: 3164
I have bought the dream genii pillow from Mothercare and on the first night using it me and DH threw it out of the bed in annoyance- made no difference to me O:| . I can't get comfortable at all these nights. I wake up with really sore hips. I've tried the pillow between my legs, a pillow under my bump, sitting up, lying down, half-up half down O:| . Only thing that helps is getting up and walking around for ten minutes and then back to bed. But an hour later I'm back to walking the floors (could sleepless nights with a baby be much harder? :o0 ) Any other suggestions other than pillows - have tried all combinations/ shapes/ sizes etc. I go back to bed for an hour later in the day but I hate doing that as I feel like a zombie afterwards. I'm so tired and irritable as a result that everything seems like doom and gloom. :o( Any good hip exercises? am doing yoga dvd and have exercise ball which help but find it hard to do them at 3am and then get back to sleep.
mrs.smiffy Posts: 1747
sunnyside, I have exactly the same problem. If I lie to long on the side my hips start to hurt, I think it's because the you have all the weight on the one bone. I constantly wake up with pain and try to roll over. I still end up sleeping half way on my back just to get comfy.I have now a pillow between my legs and this dreamgenii on the other side. Sometimes it helps me if I only have the top leg on the pillow and the other one stretched out and sleep slightly on the bump (bump is resting on the pillow too) :-8
sunnyside Posts: 3164
thanks mrs smiffy- always helps to know someone else is going through the same. I am not enjoying pregnancy at all. I honestly think it will be easier when baby arrives (I might regret saying that! :o0 ). I'm off to see if there have been any scientific advances on men having babies............cause that's the only way I'd have another :o0 :o0
Rocket Queen Posts: 7381
I ended up having to sleep on the sun lounger :o0 DH put it in our room - it was the only place I could get comfortable
baby peanut Posts: 810
Oh Rocket Queen, thats hilarious :o0 :o0 Sunnyside, I'm the same, I think it's just all your weight on one place. You can only sleep one side or the other so not much choice. I can hardly walk today as my hip is soooo sore. I do have SPD but no matter what I just can't get comfortable. All I can say is, going on past experience I found sleepless nights with a baby just as tiring but certainly less painful :o0 It's taken me 4 years to become comfortable with the idea of getting pregnant again. I think this baby will very likely be my last :o( I find pregnancy a major ordeal :o0
sunnyside Posts: 3164
My DH reckons he'll have to go into the spare room but that will really depress me- it's a struggle to even have a cuddle in bed these days with my sore body :o( but then again no point both of us being awake. Baby peanut I keep thinking would it be bad to be an only child :-8
mama2E Posts: 670
sorry your in such pain sunnyside. There's nothing worse than not being able to get to sleep. I have started to have a bath right before bed time and its making a world of difference. Not sleeping right throw the night - but have just been signed off work early so at least now I'll stop stressing when I wake up in the night and just relax knowing I don't have to be up for work. Are you still working????
baby peanut Posts: 810
That's how I felt Sunnyside :o0 (right after I had DD) You just forget with time :o0 Mind you it's even worse when you have to get up with, and entertain number one! Lots of people I've spoken to found pregnancy really hard and gave it a reasonable amont of time before having number two. On the other hand, my friend is due a month after me with baby number five :eek How does she do it! Never say never *)
sunnyside Posts: 3164
Might try a bath tonight just to relax me. I dread going to bed these nights as I know it's going to be a disaster. Ideally I'd love more than one child but as my husband says 'pregnancy does not agree with you'. even he can't wait to get me back to my old self as he sees how much I'm struggling with it. Problem for me is age isn't on my side. I'd love to leave it a few years but am 35 now. Wonder how long more I could leave it to try again and considering it wasn't that straightforward to conceive this bambino I shouldn't tempt fate. Anyway, must be the exhaustion that has me even contemplating what I'll do after this baby. I need to sit back and concentrate on the hopefully safe arrival of this little one first.
baby peanut Posts: 810
I was 34 when I had my first if that helps any *)