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babyboom Posts: 294
Girls Just wondering how everyone else is sleeping? I know they say you dream alot when you pregnant but seriously I dream non stop about everything & anything. I find that I'm wakening very early like around 6 every morning & only dozing after that I'm bloody wrecked! Just feel like the sleep that I'm getting is of no use to me as it's very broken. Sorry for the rant I hate to complain just very tired. At 2 o'clock yesterday I thought I was going to actually leave work I was so exhausted was falling asleep on the desk :zzzz:
littledolly Posts: 393
Babyboom How far gone are you? I am like that too - I am just exhausted most of the time, but can't seem to get good quality sleep. I do my exercise in the mornings, so it's no good to tire me out for sleep at night. I did have a bath last night and it helped me get over to sleep much better, but I was still restless from just before 5am until I got up at 6. I don't even get up that much to use the bathroom, so it's not that stopping me from sleeping. I think through all my pregnancy, the tiredness never really left me, but it's getting really bad now. Perhaps your iron is low, as this can affect things? I'm sorry that I have no advice for you, but I just wanted to let you know you are not on your own......
madmam Posts: 1294
Oh God, I hear ya. Fell asleep at 6, woke up at 8 this morning. 2 hours sleep. Wrecked is not the word..... Baba is full of life tho..... :ooh
notlongtogo Posts: 5040
Babyboom i feel your pain. I dream mad dreams every night and also have to get up to pee at least 3 times so havent had an unbroken nights sleep in about 6 weeks. Im really feeling it this week im exhausted, most of the time im fine i go to bed at 9.30 or 10 and i can manage but this week is killing me, im actually wondering if the baby goes through a growth spurt or something. I read that when the placenta develops and attaches around 12 weeks the baby can look after itself more and your body doesnt need to work as hard to im looking forward to that. Im finding it hard to get enough calories in cos i feel so sick so id say thats not helping either. I really dont think there is anything you can do only struggle on and look forward to the second trimester. Sorry i cantt help more.
babyboom Posts: 294
Hi Girls Thank u all so much for the replies - think I'm just feeling sorry for myself! Great to hear from people who know how u feel don't think hubby fully understands even though he says he does. I'm 11 wks tomorrow so I know the baby is starting to grow alot I think within the next 3 wks it doubles in size. So I'll have 2 be patient & hope it passes. Then I think to myself if I can't cope with the exhaustion now - what will I be like when the baby comes! I think this is boot camp for whats ahead :o0
littledolly Posts: 393
I know - but at least when the first baby arrives you won't be struggling to go to work every day! For most people, things do improve by about 16 weeks. The best advice I got was that when you are tired, go to bed - don't rest on the sofa when you need sleep. I've been pretty lucky with having missed out on pretty much all other pregnancy symptoms, but by gosh, I have had a good beating with the tired stick all the way through!!!