Sleeping in a cot when newborn?????

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maybemaybe Posts: 46
Just wondering whats everyones plans for baby sleeping in a cot,crib or moses basket.I dont really like the idea of moses baskets,dont think enough air is circulated, We are buying a cot and also have a glider crib which I plan to use downstairs during the day.Would it be awful for baby to sleep in cot from day one at night.have many of you done this as dont think there is any reason why not.Any opinions or advise welcome please. :duh:
blueboots Posts: 833
For this baby I am thinking of using cot straight away. DS was in Moses basket until he was 3 months when he just got too big for it. He didn't like the transition from Moses basket to cot at all- we had awful hassle with it and I swore whenever next one came along I would just use cot straight away. That's my plan anyway. Other than that, I love Moses baskets.
Mrs W Posts: 2923
I was wondering about the same thing. I was going to have a Moses basket downstairs and the cot in our room upstairs, would this be ok or should I get another Moses basket for the first while? I don't want to be lifting it up and down the stairs every day
Mismatch Posts: 476
Hi I used moses basket on ds & got very little use out of it. Within 3wks he was in the cot as he loved to stretch out. So this time I am going straight to the cot. I bought this for ds & going to use it to help make the cot cosier as it looks so big when you put the little one in. HTHs
jewellb Posts: 2389
ive been offered a glider crib and a moses basket and was going to put moses basket down stairs and crib up, i read here i think to get the baby use to a cot put the moses basket into the cot for a wee while to get the baby use to it, most babies like being cosy but some i guess like lots of space, you can also get those yokes that support baby on both sides so they feel secure cant rem the name of them.
BusyDee Posts: 8527
Yes we put dd into her own cot from day one (and in her own room - shock horror!) we used the pram part of the buggie during the day which was so handy as we were able to wheel her about the house with us (house is bungalow) or go out for a walk without disdurbing her. Then at night we transferred her into the cot, we took turns sleeping in with her for the first 6 weeks and it was handy that I could see her from the bed beside her without lifting my head - with a moses basket you would have to be getting up to look in at her! We also used one of those cot divider things to make the cot look smaller as she was SO tiny! I used one of the sleep positioners too from about a month as she was very wiggly and kept making her way over to the bars on the cot. Will be doing the exact same with this baby.