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Bubba Bump Posts: 348
Just wondering how everyone is sleeping? I'm only sleeping for about two or three hours at a time. Everytime I wake up I'm being kicked like mad. Lovely and all as it is I'm exhausted :o(
july7812 Posts: 1787
Hi Bubba bump - I'd say everyone is like this at our stage of the pregnancy - its hard to try get comfy to start off with, then I find Im waking up with pains in my hips so I change sides (that last for about an hr - then change again) & also I find Im getting up to go to the toilet about twice during the night - this one is a real bummer cause not a chance of me getting back to sleep afterwards & I lie there for about an hr or 2 hrs before I finally conk off again. O:| O:| I do find I'm having a sleep during the day most days (luckily am off work at the moment) & this helps a lot, but dread to think when I go back to work how I'm going to keep my eyes open during the day as I do get quite tired after the previous nights (lack of) sleep. One good way of looking at it though is that you are over halfway there so there is light at the end of the tunnel. :-8
Raindeer Posts: 169
Hi Bubba Bump I am a good bit further than you and so far I have not had any problems sleeping. I dont know if I am just lucy but i think a lot of it is down to my dreamgeni pillow. I couldn't recommend this enough. I bought it online and its a weird looking thing that supports your back, bump and hips. It also keeps me lying on my left side all night which is recommended. Sleep is sooo important throughout your whole pregnancy and whatever you have to do to get more i would give it a try. Cant remember which web but just google it.
2calm Posts: 187
I am the same. Wake most nights to go to the loo, then can’t get back to sleep. And then I am shattered in work from about 4 onwards and would love to take a nap! Was finding I was getting cramps too, but read this was down to low potassium levels. So I increased my intake of bananas and the cramps disappeared! I'm going to check out the dreamgeni pillow though. I had been looking at different ones online and there's nothing like a recommendation.
Babylon Posts: 334
Hi there. I have had the hip pain too - on the outside of my hip, feels like the bone is sore. Is this the same pain and would that pillow help? I was going to the loo every night until recently, but stopped drinking liquids after about 8pm and I can just about last til the morning now.
naughtybutnice Posts: 1858
can't remember the last time I had a full nights sleep-actually off today to try and catch up :o( suffer with pains in my hips and cramps in my bum!!!get comfortable but unfortunately it doesn't last long. have long pillow and one at my back but not altogether useful-for me anyway. any other good sources of potassium cos i hate bananas.
Raindeer Posts: 169
Babylon. In the event I dont use the dreamgeni which is very rare, I find that my right leg gets very restless and crampy. What the pillow does is it keeps your knees separated, thus keeping your hips at the right angle and relieving pressure. The other thing I can suggest for general well being is reflexology. I had my first session on Saturday and I was a bit wary of the whole thing. The therapist told me that i would feel awful on Sunday and then the good effects would kick in on Monday. Low and behold by Monday I felt great and had loads of energy. Definately worked for me.
2calm Posts: 187
I hope this helps its from [color=darkblue:1u19qvzn][i:1u19qvzn]Plentiful sources of potassium There is a great variety of natural foods that are an excellent source of potassium. These include avocados; bananas; chard; citrus fruits; juices such as grapefruit, tomato, and orange; dried lentils; green leafy vegetables; milk; molasses; nuts such as almonds, brazils, cashews, peanuts, pecans and walnuts; parsnips; dried peaches; potatoes; raisins; sardines; spinach; and whole-grain cereals. Cooking Boiling food in water is a sure way to lose the potassium in it, unless it is to make soup. Baking and broiling are ways in which food can be cooked while at the same time preserving the potassium content, indeed, these methods preserve all the nutrients apart from vitamin C and some of the B vitamins which are destroyed by heat. Broiling also oxidizes essential fatty acids. Stir-frying is also a good way of preserving nutrients. It is important to vary the intake of potassium rich foods in order to ensure adequate intake of other nutrients and to avoid the possibility of toxicity, as some vegetables contain elements that are toxic if they are eaten in large amounts (oxalic acid in rhubarb for example). It is important to note that freezing also depletes potassium levels in foods.[/i:1u19qvzn][/color:1u19qvzn]
naughtybutnice Posts: 1858
thanks a million 2calm.