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isabella123 Posts: 175
I'm six months pregnant and over the past couple of nights I cannot sleep. Can anyone recommend what they did to get comfortable in bed. I'm a back sleeper and am most comfortable sprawling across the bed but have been told recently to lie on my side. It's really not comfortable. My left arm is always in the way! Are the dream genie pillows any good for this? All advice is welcome.
Bellabing Posts: 1449
Isabella I can empathize. I've come out the other side, dd is 3 mths and I'm finding I can't sleep now!!! I found the dream geni pillow brilliant. Used it all the way thro pregnancy.
gingernutter Posts: 1356
Def recommend the dream genii pillow, I'm almost 37 weeks Preg with twins and finding sleep v difficult but can't do without the dream genii and I also use 4 other pillows all around me! Best to lie on left hand side and as bump gets bigger u can use a pillow to prop up bump. I keep rolling into back but have a pillow on right hand side to stop me rolling fully over. Good luck, lack of sleep so tough
ChristmasBride2010 Posts: 272
Yes apparantly ur supposed to sleep on your left side as its best for circulation etc. lying on ur back causes the baby to lie on your organs and can apparantly affect the blood flow to the baby so lying on your side is best. I bought a body pillow in Lidl a few months ago & it was only €11 and i love it, i couldnt do without it now. It came in a bag that could be mistaken as a pillow bag. You could perhaps keep an eye out for one of them. Best of luck x