sleeping troubles

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MammyC Posts: 3621
Anybody else having trouble getting comfy at night? I have tried all the pillows in many diff positions, I just cant get comfy. I am sleeping on my left side, as I always have, but I am waking up by kicks and wiggles from the baby. I wake up half lying on my stomach and my bump hurts in the morning. I can lie on my back for a short while but then my back is killing me, any help out there? only getting about 3 hours sleep a night now, :thnk
s wife Posts: 1445
i cant say im getting kicks etc but like you i cant get comfy and if im getting 3 straight hours sleep that will be it ,im like a walking zombie and as for hubbys snoring i never had a prob with this before and he's not bad at all realy its like i have super senitive ears at the min sorry MRS .C for jumping on your post but if anyone has any solutions please please let us know :wv
neeov Posts: 4256
full nights sleep is a distant memory. Even when I manage to nod off, i get mad nightmares and wake up! I think its baby preparing me for the night time feeds. I find a snack before bed helps a bit do you have proper pregnancy pillows? they are much better than normal ones, get a big long one.
spanish mum Posts: 2468
Sleep? What sleep? Seriously, i am now over 34 weeks and as the day go by, the less able i am to sleep.i cant turn over any more so stay on my left side ALL night, and this just hurts my hip bone & where my knees touch, something rotten. I have the long pregnancy pillow but found feather pillow more comfy. i seriously think it is our bodies preparing us for the sleepless nights ahead of us. :o0 I have been very well throughout this pregnancy tho, so must not complain. :lvs
smurf77 Posts: 2216
Hi there I got one of those bannanna pillows from Kealys and I can sleep now. I was averaging 2-3 hours a night at one stage and felt like death warmed up. The baby seemed to hate a pillow wedged under me and kicked alike crazy on that side. My back was sore with my leg pulling me forward IYKWIM. Had pelvic pain too. The pillow is body length , and is full of beans like a bean bag. I put the pillow inbetween my legs and it moulds around the bump and I lean into it. the first night I got it I slept 12 hours (with pee breaks of course). Sleep hasnt been so much of an issue since. Honestly its the best €60 ive spent in my pregnancy!! I felt like I was about to loose my sanity (as was still working back then and was like a zombie). Its also doubles as a breast feeding pillow after :wv
neeov Posts: 4256
The pillow i have as those bean bag things too. its fantastic.