Slender Xcellerate

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the livster Posts: 82
Anyone try these tablets.I seen Amanda Brunker in the magazine that accompanys the Sunday World raving on about them and how she'd lost 2 stone in 3 months by healthy eating,exercise and taking these natural supplements,anyone try them and find them any good,I need all the help I can get,thanks :thnk
lets go fly a kite Posts: 2388
Is she paid to endorse them though? I'd day the healthy eating and exercise had more to do with it. Two stone in twelve weeks is only about 2.5 per week, WW and walking would get you that.
lovebug Posts: 118
I agree with last post. You would loose 2 stone in 3 months power walking and eating healthly. I went from 11stone stone 2 pounds to 9 stone 3 pounds by haveing to smoothy shakes a day and 1 evening meal plus plenty of fruit during the day and my 3 pints of water. I power walk 5 days an week and did my weights at home and tummy excercises. It took me just under 3 months and i felt amazing. You can do it :wv
septgal Posts: 330
Fair play to you lovebug, thats brill results...I have 2 st to lose also. Were they fruit smoothies you had??
lovebug Posts: 118
:wv I statred on this herbal life diet that a girl in work did. Its to shakes a day .They give you this protein powder in vanilla and you add in juice and water but i was throwing loads of fruit into my mixer so it would fill me up more. I now have a much smaller appetite. I was mad for the bread but i rarely have it now. But my weakness was wine so ive cut back on that a bit .Im in a routine of excercises a least 4 times a week now.Just power walking and then my weights at home. The toughest part is the 1sst couple of weeks but then when you see the clothes gettting looser it makes you want to do more. You ll loose to stone in no time
2crazy Posts: 1478
I was taking slender xcellerate but came off it cos i was constantly on the loo and it did my head in lol :o0
xxcsx Posts: 10
I just started on these tabs, so far dont feel much difference. Hoping for some good results. Trying to eat healthy, drinking loads of water. So we'll see how it goes.
michelle06 Posts: 220
Hi xxcsx, Just wondering if you're still taking them and have you had any results? Thanks a mill
xxcsx Posts: 10
Hi, I stayed on them for 2 weeks i lost 3lbs and i got severe headaches. So i gave them up and suffered bad headaches for 2 more days. Ive been trying to eat healthy on my own but my weight is stayin the same. Im dont know if i should give them another go or not.....
Miah Posts: 2738
3lbs in 2 weeks is really good - well done!