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dreams Posts: 253
Has anyone used one of these? particularly the belt one, just wondering if they are any good? and how long before you saw results, oh and how often do you have to use it? thanks :wv
angel3 Posts: 1572
Hi dreams, I actually find the slendertone belt's brilliant, after 2 weeks you can really see a difference be sure to use this every night for 2 weeks you will defo see results
nichona2 Posts: 61
I've always wondered if these work!! they're a bit pricey so i've always been a bit nervous of taking the plunge and buying one! has anyone else got any feedback about them?? *)
chelle10 Posts: 254
yeah i think they wok great but its something you have to keepdoing because i find as soon as you stop wearing it he bell reappears :o( i wear mine for half hour every day when out walking the dog
BlahBlahBride Posts: 2744
Belt one is brill. You will see results in 2 weeks if you use it everyday.