slieve russell starting to panic

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byrnen Posts: 115
hey girls is there anyone else that has their wedding booked there? im starting to panic after watching the news last nite and all the talk about closing the quinn group businesses and they are unsure as to what businesses are safe!!! :weep i have my deposit paid and im terrified they will close! i rang the hotel and the receptionist said they were going to be fine but i still cant help but worry as my weddings isnt until oct 2012? anyone else having the same problem???
lux Posts: 6270
It'll be yonks before Anglo gets around to selling properties, plus the Quinn family are highly likely to mount a legal challenge to the takeover. I wouldn't worry, plus there are loads of other hotels to choose from if it closes. There is no point getting in touch with the hotel, no one apart from Anglo will have any information.
byrnen Posts: 115
true somebody in work just told me the gov said it will be at least 5 years before any closures take place so im a bit calmer. i rang the hotel because the staff in the insurance companies recieved an email saying their jobs were safe
mrs2013 Posts: 213
I dont think you have anything to worry about like the other girl said it can take years after all the challanges and everything and i reckon that would be bought by someone anyway I could not see them closing the hotel ive stayed there a few times and its always busy. If you wanted to put your mind at ease a little it might help to take out wedding insurance to protect any deposits you pay. Im getting married in 2013 and i got insurance just to be safe incase companies do go bang.
mollysmum Posts: 17
Anglo have launched a legal process to take over The Quinn group in order to offset losses arising from the 2.8 Billion euro's worth of loans made to the group. The Quinn family have said that they have no way of paying off these loans but may still launch a legal challenge against Anglo. Anglo is essentially now a state owned bank and it is the state that is providing the funds to ensure that creditors for the bank are repaid. Anglo has contacted the Quinn groups other creditors and has organized restructuring of other debt in order to ensure that none of the thousands of jobs in Quinn group companies are lost. This suggests that Quinn group companies are now in a stronger position rather than weaker. As far as I know some of the profitable arms of the Quinn group of companies (e.g Quinn Insurance) may be sold off - it seems the worst that can happen is that your hotel is sold to another group/owner. This owner will still be obliged to honor earlier contracts . I know that arrangements have already been made for the take over of Quinn Insurances and that all contracts with customers are guaranteed and that insurance policies will not be affected. Also if the business is sold off I don't see why they would jeopardize what must be an extremely lucrative wedding business to mess with people who have made bookings with the hotel prior to them acquiring it. And finally as others have said any moves that are made on the hotel group will probably be very slow. Between the nationalisation of the bank, the funny business that went on that put the Quinn group in so much debt to anglo to begin with and the legal minefield that this has all created nobody is entirely sure what the legal situation is as regards what can be done to companies etc so this will all move at a molassass like pace ..... in other words relax and enjoy the wedding preparations :)
byrnen Posts: 115
haha tanx mollys mum :)