slight bump with porsche

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groovysocks Posts: 24
i was recently coming home from work and was caught in traffic, moving up the road at a snails pace driving only on the clutch, a momentary lapse on my behalf i will admit, but i ever so slightly tipped the guy in front of me who got out of his porsche, hands on head talking about his honeycomb bumper, and how his engine may be ruined, i drive a piece of junk (as all money goes towards liiving and of course the big day...sure you'll only do it once :xox ...i hope :o0 )anyway there was barely a mark, the guy took my insurance details and i took a photo of his bumper which was so mucky and dirty the mark i had left could barely be made out!! anyway he drove off and so did i, only for him to come back to me and say he needs a brand new bumper as the honeycomb inside is destroyed and this will cost me roughly €1300...i'm pretty sure this guy is having me on and just trying to get euros out of me...i really believe the scratch on his bumper could be sorted out with t-cut and elbow grease!! does anyone else have any other experiences like this one and how did you get on!! i really don't know what to do as i can't afford for my insurance to go up or to pay for this guys apparently mangled 09 porsche bumper!!!
GreenerPastures Posts: 7284
That sucks... It really is bad luck. I can't tell you if he's ripping you off though. I know if anyhting happens my dads car it can be expensive to fix. He has a Merc S-Class and the mirrors are electric. They've been swiped afew times while parked and cost a fair bit to fix. The more expensive the car the more expensive repair work can be if anything gets damaged etc. Plus with certain cars they have to be brought to specific dealerships i.e. not just any mechanic. I do sympathise with you but people are entitled to drive whatever car they want and if you damage it you have to pay. It is abit :ooh when you get the bill but if in doubt check it out. Just because you hit the guy doesn't mean he's entitled to fleece you. Ensure he's billing you for the damage you caused and not any other old scratches and other old 'war wounds'. Best of luck
TurtleBaby1 Posts: 693
Did he send you the repair quote from the actual dealership? Or did he just tell you the total. I would ask him for the detailed breakdown of the damage and the costs to fix the damage. Go to a solicitor if you need to - a solicitor will write a letter for you on your behalf for less then €100 and at least he will see that you are not going to be walked on. How old was the porche - what model was it? Call a porche dealership and ask them what a new bumper would be for that car?
TurtleBaby1 Posts: 693
Oh and make sure and call your insurance company and tell them not to pay out yet. sometimes they will settle a claim on your insurance and you wont even know until your premium comes up!
mrsmaybride2010 Posts: 843
hi there if you are not happy you can call your insurance people and request an assessor to go and look at the car. but make sure you dont sign anything. this happened to my dad and they paid out even though he phoned them and told them not to pay out... he never read the small print
groovysocks Posts: 24
guys thanks for all your support and help, i rang my insurance company, with great hesitancy i must add, this is my first year on the road and im only on a provisional, so i can imagine my premium in april. anyway they said they were going to send out an assessor to have a look.. i understand the more expensive the car the more expensive, but i reakon this guy rolled up into the garage and said i want a new bumper and who are the garage top turn down business, especially in these times >:o( oh well sure we'll just wait and see thanks again folks O:o)
Higgs particle Posts: 4557
Bumper on a standard new car can be between e700 and E900, so it could be the price. Bad luck on your part. See what the insurance company says
GucciEnvyOctober Posts: 382
I wouldnt be surprised if that quote was correct. We drive a BMW and we got the smallest scrape on the bumper and it cost close to €1000 to fix as the whole bumper had to come off and be resprayed, then you have labour costs and probably 2 days car hire to add in to the equation, so I'd say that €1300 quote for the Porsche is probably right. I know thats not much help to you right now but try not to worry about it too much.
granite Posts: 128
Did you have someone with you in the car?
the winner Posts: 4148
I needed to replace my bumber a short while ago it was 900 euro and that was with DH fitting it for me. The price of parts depends on the car. A bumper for a ford fiesta is going to be a hell of a lot cheaper than one for a porshe. I have to say if I was driving a porshe and paid the €000000 it costs and someone scratched/dinted/cracked my bumper I'd def want a new one. If I were you I'd go through your insurance its a hefty bill to have to fork out >:o( Not nice having tips when driving, really knocks confidence..