Slightly freaking out.

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Doggysmile Posts: 188
Hi. Can I ask any of you pill takers how soon you get your period after you finish your pack? I took my last pill on Saturday morning and it is now Monday lunchtime (live abroad) and still nothing. I missed a slightly dangerous pill (at the end of my first week in the pack) but have had my fingers crossed that its alright (took it the next day and continued on as usual....everyone always sayes they missed pills and no problem but I know that they have probably been lucky). So my question is do you usually get your period the day after you end your pack or can it take a few days to start sometimes? I can t remember clearly about it in the past but I think it should have started....scary, scary, scary.
duffy-to-be Posts: 265
When I was on my old pill, I would end on Sunday and then get it on Tuesday--but it was like every time it would be a Tuesday. Have you been more stressed about something? That could make it late--also, stressing about it being late isn't going to help! :o0 (sorry, I know it's not really funny) Hang in there! I'm sure it will come soon enough!
Doggysmile Posts: 188
Thanks for the quick response. Yeah, I know it can take a bit of time but I really should have it by today. I guess I will have to sit it out.
tj2008 Posts: 77
Dont panic too much. I'm on Cilest and always finish my pack on the Friday night (start taking on a Saturday) and dont get my period until the Tuesday regular as clockwork. If you miss a pill and then take the measure siggested this can mess the timings up a bit from past experience. Think if you try and not stress, relax and leave for a day or two and then if you are still concerned maybe talk to a chemist or your GP.
Doggysmile Posts: 188
Freakout cancelled, everything is right in the world again! O-O
Gabby Posts: 2873
sometimes it can take four or five days for mine to come after I take my last pill and if you are worried about it coming or stressed out about something it might take longer am sure it wil be fine
Ca cest moi Posts: 7855
[quote="Doggysmile":15s9c3kt]Freakout cancelled, everything is right in the world again! O-O[/quote:15s9c3kt] Gald to hear everything is right in the world again as you put it. O-O O-O
MammyC Posts: 3621
yeah i finish mine on a tuesday and get my period on the sunday, so no panic! :wv