slightly worried, should i phone gp to check?

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obbride Posts: 111
calming myself down that this is nothing, but just want opinions to confirm, or advise. i am 24 weeks now, and just went to loo, usual discharge but small v diluted brown redy patch. i've heard of blood when you just get preg. in first 12 weeks and usually fine aslong as not bright red, but i never had this before, and ow that it's 24 weeks along am just wondering is it serious or not? should i ring gp to check it out, or is it normal?
Mammyof2Princesses Posts: 3745
Hi Im sure everything is fine, but I would ring my doctor anyway just to put my mind at ease. *)
neeov Posts: 4256
ring, or you will just worry about it. Hope all is well
shellzey Posts: 185
You poor thing, I know how worrying it is. I am sure everything is fine but I would ring your GP/hospital anyway. The same thing happened to me last weeks at 21 weeks, I had a small bleed and was told to go into hospital straightaway. They checked the heartbeat and did an internal to ensure there was no further bleeding and thankfully they were happy everything was ok and I was just told to rest. I am sure everything will be perfect for you but I would still get it checked. At least then you can relax and wont be worrying. :xox
Mrs Beasley Posts: 589
Im sure everything is just fine, but absolutely do go and get yourself checked out. Always better to be safe than sorry and the hospital/GP will be only too happy to put your mind at ease, after all they don't want you stressed for your sake or the baby's... so don't worry that you'd be wasting their time or anything like that. When I was expecting the hospital told me to ALWAYS phone or come in if I was worried about anything at all, as thats what they're there for!
smurf77 Posts: 2216
I would def call the hospital just to be on the safe side, I am sure it is nothing but for your own peace of mind I would call.
obbride Posts: 111
thanks so much for all your replies, unfortunately i don't have internet access at the weekend. so friday nite rang vhi nurseline, she said all should be fine but to ring the hospital as she was just a general nurse. so rang hospital and they said they would not expect any bleeding at 24 weeks, and to come in for a check up. started to get a bit scared, but it was all fine, as dh said - at least we got to see a scan of the baby again!!. i kept trying to tell them or show them how small a bleed i was talking about, if i was wearing anything but white underwear you wouldn't see it, but they just said as policy, if you have anything at all they check you, check neck of womb (just felt like smear), do scan, and even then if everything is fine they still give you a steroid injection that night and another one 24 hours later to develop the babies lungs quicker so that if anything went wrong, you could delivery earlier. so it was grand, got to see scan of baby, but between 1 hour drive home and half hour drive to hospital, the baby was rocked asleep, mine never moves after a drive for bout half hour until i'm sitting down again on couch, so we were poking and proding trying to get them to move but they were just really lazy. even on the scan, their heartbeat was moving but they were curled up asleep. i'm sure i won't be giving out about them being sleepy baby when they are born! Also found out that the baby is in size and position of a 28 week old baby, even tho i was only 24 weeks yesterday :ooh big healthy baby, but should be fun trying to get it out!! :eek i'm just glad all is fine, thanks for all your posts, honestly, i'm a wealth of information from this site, i knew what the steroid injections were and knew lots of people get them, and it just really helps to stop you freaking out. thanks again :thnk
Mammyof2Princesses Posts: 3745
Brilliant to hear all is ok!! *) Great measurements too!! :ooh
coconut Posts: 2183
Thats brilliant news that all is fine!
smurf77 Posts: 2216
Thats brillant!