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pixiebell Posts: 739
Hi girls, Just wondering if anyone has any experience of an elective section in Sligo general? I have been given my date and I was just wondering what the normal procedure is? Will my husband get to come with me? Thanks in advance ;) P
CherylC Posts: 1071
I don't know about Sligo in particular, but certainly every hospital I know of your partner can come in. You go in first and get the spinal, and then he can come in and sit beside your head. After baby is born he should be able to hold him/ her beside you while you are stitched up. Then in H*lles st you would go to recovery room and he would take baby to the ward - you can ask what the policy is in Sligo re the baby after birth. Best of luck - you'll be fine!
pixiebell Posts: 739
Thanks Cherylc, Now that I have a date, is all I'm thinking about ;).. Can't sleep at night but is a good thing. P