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MsWhite Posts: 94
Hi Pixiebell, That's great you got your date for the section - must be a relief to know it's sorted now. I had a bit of a scare at the weekend with a bleed and ended up in SGH for the weekend. I'm off work for the week now but thankfully things have settled down again. I just hope babs stays put till February cause I don't feel too prepared for having a baby this week! Very best of luck with everything on the day! :o)ll
barneyrubble Posts: 252
Glad you got sorted Pixiebell. Ms White, hope all ok. Ill be in SGH in feb too, all crossed
pixiebell Posts: 739
Thanks girls, Feb isn't too far away now for ye both and hopefully no more scares mrs White ;)
yeah Posts: 109
Pixibelle that's great need for you. I bet it's taken away a lot of the fears. I'm only half way there but I've had the discussion with her already and she's all for letting me go naturally if it looks like ill go myself and even let me go 10 days over. If like last time my body wasn't doing anything then she'd section. So it's just a waiting game.
pixiebell Posts: 739
Are u happy to go naturally yeah? I would have tried it but the pain I'm in at the mis unreal and I know deep down I'll do more damage pushing out a big baby! I think she knew herself too
yeah Posts: 109
Not really pixibell. I had a tough scary time with ds and he was big too. I've a high risk of being a section anyway so I think I'd just like a proper plan.
pixiebell Posts: 739
I'd say near the end of preg she will listen. That's what she done for me, I worried and stressed and she was fine. Fingers crossed for u