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mammyslittlerogue Posts: 2184
Breakfast 2 weetabix (HEB) 200ml slimline milk (HEA) 2 mandarins (Superfree) 1 banana (Superfree) 1 muller light (Free)
Rocksie80 Posts: 4045
28th June (Green Plan) Breakfast 2 weetabix HE B1 Milk HE A Lunch Salad- lettuce (SF), peppers (SF), onion (SF), balsamic vinegar (Free), quark (Free) Muller light (Free) Dinner Quorn Chilli- Quorn mince (Free), onion (SF), pepper (SF), Baked potato (free) Cauliflower (SF) Snacks Banana (SF) 2 Alpen Bar HE B2 Muller Light 2 Satsumas (SF) Syns BBQ seasoning 1.5 3 chips??? (stolen from my sister's plate :o0 )
mammyslittlerogue Posts: 2184
29/06/11 [u:28ytp52e]Breakfast[/u:28ytp52e] Strawberries& Pineapple Banana Apple [u:28ytp52e]Lunch[/u:28ytp52e] 2 slices wholemeal bread (HEB) Beans Strawberry Muller Light Dinner 5 baby potatoes beans 3 Fish Fingers (4 1/2SYNS) [u:28ytp52e]Snacks[/u:28ytp52e] 2 vanilla Muller Lights [u:28ytp52e]Other SYNS[/u:28ytp52e] 2 cramel biscuits (7 SYNS) 3 marshmallow sweets (1 1/2 SYNS) Jelly (1 1/2 SYNS)
mammyslittlerogue Posts: 2184
[b:3rjuqi6q]Breakfast[/b:3rjuqi6q] Strawberries Apple 2 bananas [b:3rjuqi6q]Lunch[/b:3rjuqi6q] 1 wrap (7 SYNS) Sweet Chilli Sauce (2 SYNS) Slice lean chicken onions Muller Light [b:3rjuqi6q]Dinner[/b:3rjuqi6q] 5 baby potatoes Mixed Veg (carrott, brocolli, cauliflower) Burger (lean mince) Onions Gravy (2 SYNS) [b:3rjuqi6q]Snacks[/b:3rjuqi6q] Mug Shot (Tomato & Herb) 3 mandarins Jelly (1 1/2 SYNS) Vanilla Muller Light I havent had a HEA or B today so i may have some toast tonight!
Smileykaz Posts: 7296
June 30 - Extra Easy Breakfast: Scrambled eggs, spray of Frylight (Free) Tomatoes (Superfree) Slice of toast (3.5 syns) Lunch: Wholemeal bread roll (HeB) Chicken, lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes and Laughing Cow cheese (HeA) in the roll. (Mix of Superfree and free) Then some tuna and beetroot on the side. (Free and Superfree) Dinner (Not eaten yet): Chicken stirfry. Chicken, onions, tomatoes with frozen stirfry veg and noodles and soy sauce. Also adding in a pouch of Blue Dragon chow mein sauce, 2.5 syns. (Mix of free, superfree and syns!) Snacks (so far) Grapes