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fifteensept Posts: 565
Hi All, Just wondering has anyone got an experience with a good sling......have been looking at the following two they are quite similiar but dont just want the carry round one. Any advise would be great as I just had a Tomy one for the daughter not very comfy and need to have two free hands with the 2nd to keep eye on DD when out and about especially Kari Me baby carrier Sa Be Carrier
pag Posts: 633
I used the Kari me sling with DD from birth until about 16wks and found it was great. However, I didn't continue using it as it was so fiddly to get her settled if we went to a shopping centre - it was easier to use the pram. I then got the Ergo Baby (and insert) and found it was brilliant. It was so much easier to put on and get her settled. She always fell asleep in it. I used to go out with her in it for walk to local shops to get a few things. I'm going to try a ring sling or Mei Tai this time around - hopefully less tying to do. Would you consider going to a sling meet and get advice from them - you could try a much wider range of slings to see what would work for you. Check out for more info.
fifteensept Posts: 565
Hi Pag....thanks for coming back to me with your advise. When looking at the two options I have and a demo online I was alittle worried about the amount of work it takes to get it on the baby in etc that I would end up not using it for all the hassle it takes, never used a sling with DD as Car Seat & Pram were easier but with LO coming along I need to have free hands for DD as I wouldnt be able to go anywhere with the two of them....she wont hold my hand and would run off. I had looked at Kangaroobabies but im living in Limerick and getting to Dublin at this stage wont happen so reason for advise. I like the look of the Ergo Bag and looks alot easier to manage......will check out the other you gave me also