My baby is 6 wks old and was on aptamil when she was born but after 2 weeks she got very unsettled and would roar crying with wind pain so I changed her formula to Cow and Gate Comfort, that worked for about 2 wks but since she got her BCG jab last wk she is back to being unsettled and crying with wind pain and is constipated, she was drinking up to 5 ounces but has gone back to only 1 to 2 ounces per feed. She would be crying to be fed but then would only take an ounce so today I have changed her to the SMA stay down formula as I think she may have silent reflux, she is feeding a little better but the problem is she is not giving up wind and is writhing with wind pain. It says on the tin not to use other antacids with this formula so does that mean I cant give her gripe water or infacol before or after a feed?