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gra14 Posts: 18
hi all. we are getting married next year. we are having a civil ceremony with family and a meal with them and plan to have a big afters with approx. 150 guests. our plan is to feed the afters guests a buffet meal. My question is if anyone has done this before and if so what did the family do while the afters guests were eating? I was thinking of having the family at 2 tables having a few drinks while the guest were eating. any ideas or suggestions from people please. thank you
woohoou Posts: 2
Hi Gra, we are also doing a civil cermony, 23 for cermony and meal and 120 for afters. Im just doing finger food for afters (sandwiches, sausages, and chicken gougons etc..... what time is the afters starting, is it immediately after the main meal. Ours is starting at 8.30 and I plan to serve food about 11ish
mollthewoll Posts: 18
Hi we're getting married in December and doing pretty much the same thing. Our ceremony is at 12pm followed by lunch at about 2.30pm. Our evening party is at 6pm in a different location. I'm assuming that once the food is served at about 7pm the rest of the crowd will be hungry for more! We are having a good spread in the evening- cheese boards, satay, fish and chips, chicken wings etc as well as a desert table.
gra14 Posts: 18
Hi woohoou, thanks for your reply. our civil ceremony is at 3pm followed by meal and then plan to have a drinks reception about 7-7.30ish and buffet meal bout 8ish. A lot of our evening guests will have a distance to travel so we providing a main course meal and our wedding cake as desert. What do you and your 20 guests plan to do while your evening guest are eating? that's a thing id like to sort out in my head. We planned to have the guests that attended the civil ceremony at 2- 3tables just wondering what they will do while evening guets are eating? any suggestions?? we will also be cutting cake at evening part and also plan to have disposable cameras at each table.
rosiemama Posts: 3363
Hi Gra We had a small intimate ceremony followed by a meal and then a big party in the evening. Ours was in the same hotel just in another room. I wouldn't worry too much about what your daytime guests will be doing. I assume they are all family / close friends so will probably mingle with your other guests or chat amongst themselves. Some might take the opportunity to go and freshen up a bit if they are staying in the hotel or nearby. Some might even grab another bite to eat, or at least coffee and cake anyway. I'd have some music playing while everyone is eating and make it less formal than a sit down meal would be. We also had disposable cameras on the table. I wouldn't bother with this again to be honest. Out of 12 cameras we had about 40 identical shots of our first dance, same for cutting the cake and a lot of rubbish. Very expensive and not worth the money! Get your photographer to go round all the tables if they are staying until the first dance, at least you get better photos and have more chance of getting everyone included. Hth, enjoy the rest of the planning :)
gra14 Posts: 18
Hi Rosiemama, Thanks for the post. Good tip about the camera and the background music. Its nice to hear other peoples experiences. gra14