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amywaters Posts: 1
Hi all, I'm getting married December 29th in Limerick. :xox There will only be 19 guests and I am unsure whether to have someone playing the acousic guitar and singing. I don't want people to be bored, but at the same time it will be a small room and so maybe it might be better to just have someone play guitar without singing so our guests can talk to each other and won't feel the need to have to be quiet and listen/watch the musician at work. Those who have had small weddings - what did you do in the evening after dinner? Or can anyone recommend an acousic guitarist? Thanks :) x
littlebuddy84 Posts: 1
I would also love to know.
eleoc42 Posts: 199
We had a really small wedding and got a duo of singers with guitar/piano. it worked really well because they started off very mellow and quiet in the background towards the end of the meal. Then when people started to get into it they started playing more upbeat stuff. Turned into a great night in the end . . .a few people got up to sing and all. They were brilliant. Can pm you details if you like.
Aisling3 Posts: 3
Facebook search The Quaid Quartet. A lovely musical family who play such a variety of instruments and music .They have quartet and irish harp which might be nice for a small crowd. Really recommend them as they relate to all agegroups and are affordable.