smear results/colposcopy

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Long Legs Lizzy Posts: 233
hi everyone, I just got the results of my latest smear back and i still have abnormalities and have to have a colposcopy procedure done. I had one this time last year for the first time and it scared me so much but thankfully everything was fine. I've had to go back for 6 monthly smears and the last time there was changes so they did another smear and investigating and this time it has come back abnormal again plus I need to repeat the procedure also. :o( I was very disheartened by the letter and I was just wondering if any girls have been in the same boat as me and had to have repeat colposcopys and is there any light at the end of the tunnel? Thanks a lot Lizzy
mad woman Posts: 22106
hey pet!!! you're far from alone in this!!! I've lost count of the amount colposcopys (SP??) I ve had!, I've had lletz three times, being having a smear every six months for the past 6 years because those stupid abnormal cells keep coming back, last time it was Cin 3 when I had the letz, but my last three smears have been clear and now I only have to have one a year! look on the bright side, if you never had a smear and those cells were not caught on time, think of what could happen in ten years time! pm me if you want to chat! and try not stress! :wv
bx Posts: 288
hi had my colposcopy last week and i am stage 3 ab, so i am quite worried, can this be looked after or should i prepare myself for bad news? bx :o(
bashful Posts: 307
Im in the same position and am getting LLetz, im Cin 3. Girls there is nothing to fear. You gotta keep remembering that its all preventative medicine and we are the lucky ones that they have been found and are being treated. Big Hug XX
bx Posts: 288
thanks, i know i shouldnt worry but i cant help it. thing is i had not been for a smear for 6 years before this so im worried its advanced.
Mrs.slightly bonkers Posts: 3289
Bumpimg .Trying to get in conact with mw if your still about can you post or pm.
theoracle Posts: 7664
bx C.I.N. 3 - just means you have severe cell changes and you will need to have treatment as soon as possible. This does not mean that you have cancer. My best friend had this and she had 2 letz treatments and has been fine since (this was 13 years ago now) and has had 2 children in the meantime, it is perfectly treatable.
Mrs.slightly bonkers Posts: 3289