smear test when pregnant?

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23leanne Posts: 761
Hi, got a letter on Friday calling me for a smear test. It's addressed from one of the surgeries in my practice (not the one I visit) and it still has my old maiden name on it. (changed over a yr ago). Just wondering are smears advisable when pregnant? I really don't know if would feel happy going for one -just in case.
Daff Posts: 11644
As far as i can remember you shouldn't get one when pregnant. I was well overdue one but waited til after DD was born. Even then you are advised to wait 3-6 months. I had one at her 4 month shots and was told not to panic if it can back abnormal - thankfully it didn't and was also great to get them to check my stiching inside... apparently it looks great :o0
xx fairy mommy xx Posts: 1833
nope, dont think they do smears when your pregnant! it probably just that free smear screening programme and you're on the books in the old dr's surgery so thats why they're calling you. Would ask your current practice about it but if you're due for a smear they'll probably just do one after baby is born!
itsaboy Posts: 208
I was due a follow up smear when I was pregnant coz I had LLETZ treatment and was told to wait until 3 months after the birth as the reading wouldn't be accurate. But make sure you get it done 3 months after.
queenmama Posts: 418
If you contact the Cervical Check centre (number on letter) and advise them you are pg they will stop sending out appointment letters & will send out a new appt after the baby is born.
bridalnowmam Posts: 2202
Nope not advisable when pg as it opens the cervix and my PHn said to have it 6 months after birth as it is only then that the cells return to normal after pregnancy
Momster Posts: 442
i was due to go for a repeat smear in Holles Street with Cervical Check (following two abnormal and one normal smears) 2 weeks ago. i was 10 weeks pregnant at that stage. they told me they would not take the smear until you were at least 12 weeks gone. i have rescheduled for july on their advisement. they said really there is no issue with getting it done at all before 12 weeks but they dont do them as a "just in case" measure. from recollection they said that they take them between week 12 and week 28. HTH
kaifer Posts: 236
Hi, it's actually one of the first tests they do here in Germany just to get it out of the way. I had a smear at 7 weeks with DS and I had one at 16 weeks with this pregnancy.
mamam Posts: 724
Hi I was due to get a repeat smear when I was 16 weeks pregnant as I had lletz done get smears repeated every year I asked my GP and he advised against when I rang the hospital to change the date the lady said it was perfectly safe to get smear done while pregnant I rescheduled for September as I was too nervous to get it done while pregnant
BusyDee Posts: 8527
I was getting those letters aswell for the free smear but I just ignored them - no way was I getting one while pregnant. Your advised to get one after the baby is born though so I will wait till then.