Smear tests... do they check for everything?

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Paddy Whack Posts: 1399
I think it's just cervical cancer to be honest. As far as I know things like chlamydia are separate tests.
blissful2b Posts: 1555
it's just for abnormalities in your cells which may indicate cancer. to get the full works done., ie. STI tests galore, you can go to the wellwoman clinic. it cost 150 euro and they check for pretty much everything i think.
Gingham Posts: 3014
smear test does not check for chlamydia...I got that test done at the same time and it cost time you are getting a smear ask for it to be done....
good2go Posts: 564
if you'd been tested for chlymidia they'd have told you. smears only check for abnormal cells in the uterus.
missi moo moo Posts: 1700
Yup only the cevical abnormalities checked for, I got the full works a few years back at well woman and it was 150 they test for everything imaginable and take bloods too.
shala Posts: 1733
How often should women be having smear tests? It's prob been 2 yrs since I had one - maybe I should book in for one soon.
MrsTiredbride Posts: 3397
They test for cell abnormalities, that's all. edit - smear tests should be carried out every 3 years.
shala Posts: 1733
[quote="tiredbride":24crk1s6]They test for cell abnormalities, that's all. edit - smear tests should be carried out every 3 years.[/quote:24crk1s6] Thanks.
blissful2b Posts: 1555
i can acoss a post on boards about that and the forum mod said that they do test for clamydia (sp) but has only been brought in in last 18 months.. now i had mine 12 months ago and no test other than the smear so i doubt it but she says it's the law now!
jiggy_jo Posts: 1166
girls do any of you know at what stage of your cycle you should have a smear? ive just started back on the pill after babs and need to book, but dont really want to be discussing it with the gp secretary!!