Smear tests - where?

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mia Posts: 963
Got my last one done by the nurse at my old practice but we've moved away. I haven't registered with a doctor near my new address and we'r hoping to move this year so I see no point. When I have needed a doctor I've gone to the Pembroke Clinic near work. I'm overdue my next smear but don't want to get it done at the PC as I'm not particularly comfortable with that doctor, he's fine for pill renewals but not for this. Anyone recommend somewhere in D2/15 with good staff and that won't break the bank?
Duchess Snow Posts: 2348
Would you go to somewhere like the irish family planning centre clinics they have a few around dublin?
mia Posts: 963
I've heard negative reports about the waiting rooms, one of the girls in work was threatened at the one off O'Connell St.
Duchess Snow Posts: 2348
not good at all would give them a miss then sorry have no other ideas unless you would have more luck with a well woman centre don't know where else would do one other than a gp of hospital.
pluppy Posts: 3519
mia Posts: 963
Sounds perfect, thanks pluppy!
Florrie06 Posts: 316
Mia, You mentioned the pembroke clinic, somewhere else near by there is the Albany Clinic on Fitzwilliam Street.. opposite ESB building. I have been going there for last 3 years as it is just down the road from my office and easy to pop out to. The doctors are lovely - mostly young females. You can request whoever you want. I hate the damn tests but they really put you at ease. I definitely recommend it.
Lady Penelope Posts: 2019
Ive used the Well Woman Clinic on Liffey St, found the nurse brilliant
mia Posts: 963
Thanks everyone. Looked into Meridian today and it loks nice, didn't make the call though. Having read these maybe I'll give Albany Clinic a call on Monday, the location means there is a chance of sorting it on a lunchtime.