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Boop Posts: 31
Hi I got one of those ovulation kits last week, now I was using a ov calculation on and thought I was ovulating this coming week. Anyhoo decided last Thursday just to do one of the test and got a smiley face! and then on the Friday too! and on the Saturday!!!! Could not believe that I had got it so wrong. Well needless to say we were v busy in our house so fingers, toes and eyes crossed! Has anyone else used the ovulation kits, how did you find them???
sally Posts: 1140
I use those smiley face ones as well and find them great. Although I never test once I get my smiley face.... too expensive. I havent used the line ones as I hear people asking about how dark the line should be and it all sounds very confusing... at least with the digital its intrepreted for you. Good luck.... hope you get you BFP, the waiting is a killer.