Smoking and Pregnant- Midweek

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Lureal Posts: 455
Anyone watch this last night. I never smoked so never an issue for me. I was really shocked at firstly how many irish women smoke while pregnant- it is about 1 in 5. Also shocked that apparantly some women are doing it so that they will have a lower birthweight baby. I wonder if that is really true though. I worry about everything during pregnancy all of which is out of my control. I can't imagine doing something with known risk to the baby- I assumed the majority of women would give up but that seems to be not the case at all. Most of my family used to smoke and I have seen how hard they found it to give up, my mother smoking during all of her pregnancies and had quite severe complications on every one except mine. It was interesting to watch anyway.
moodle Posts: 124
I meant to watch this and then forgot when it was on. I was in hospital for my 12 week scan on monday and when I was waiting for my taxi outside afterwards the amount of pregnant woman that were standing outside the hospital smoking was unreal. There was easily 10 of them and all at different stages of pregnancy. I was absoliutely shocked. They were just standing there blatently smoking outside a very well known maternity hospital beside a busy road smoking not caring who saw them. THought it was very sad.
BabasFor2012 Posts: 1594
That is really scary that there are people deliberately trying to aim for a lower birthweight :eek I found a documentary on our sky+ the other day that DH recorded for me called The 9 months that made us. The guy in that was looking at a possible link between low birth weight, heart disease and diabetes. I'm an ex smoker, I gave up a good few years ago, but I always assumed when I was smoking if I had gotten pregnant then I would have just stopped. There is no way I would smoke when pregnant in a million years.
boodlesdoodles Posts: 900
I was an ex-smoker for 6 years until about 2 years ago, when the odd 'social' ciggie started creeping in again, until it got to the stage this summer, that i was smoking about 10-15 a day, and this peaked when i went on hols in august to 20+ a day! :eek But i vowed as soon as the duty free fags were gone, that was it, and i was just getting there when i got my BFP. Not one ciggie has passed my lips since, and im glad to say its been easy, cos i couldnt stomach them even if i tried, vomit!!!!!