Smoking and Pregnant- Midweek

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Lureal Posts: 455
Anyone watch this last night. I never smoked so never an issue for me. I was really shocked at firstly how many irish women smoke while pregnant- it is about 1 in 5. Also shocked that apparantly some women are doing it so that they will have a lower birthweight baby. I wonder if that is really true though. I worry about everything during pregnancy all of which is out of my control. I can't imagine doing something with known risk to the baby- I assumed the majority of women would give up but that seems to be not the case at all. Most of my family used to smoke and I have seen how hard they found it to give up, my mother smoking during all of her pregnancies and had quite severe complications on every one except mine. It was interesting to watch anyway.
LazyBaby Posts: 464
didn't see it my mother also smoked through all 4 pregnancies, no issues at all, all healthy strapping babies back in early 80s health risks weren't as widely circulated, and she had the mistaken assumption of lower birth weight, and we were all big babies!! so go figure :) never smoked myself so not even an issue for me..
sunnygirl Posts: 1876
i have this sky plussed, must watch it today. but my mother smoked also on her pregnancies and we were all 9lb + babies! so size was not an issue although 3 out of the 4 of us have asthma and all 4 of us have ezcema - i'm sure it's connected. there's a girl in work pregnant at the moment, and has no qualms going out smoking, usually people try and hide it! don't smoke myself either and hate it.
vitamin1 Posts: 565
I was a smoker,my sister smoked when she was pregnant,I read an article by a fertility expert and he said that smoking whilst pregnant may give you a healthy baby and they may be lucky to not have any major health issues but some develop severe excema, asthma,what suprised me was he said the unseen effect it plays on Your unborn childs fertility
CocoBeans Posts: 841
I was a smoker before I became pregnant. I really miss it every day but I would NEVER have a cigarette. Not even one. No one forces to you have a child and if you can't sacrifice something for nine months then why do it? My Mom smoked while pregnant with her four children, both my sisters' have asthma and ALL three girls smoke. I hear people saying, oh my Mom smoked and all her kids are healthy and maybe that's truth but it's not a risk I'm going to take with my little bub. Would you give your newborn a cigreete - I'm sure they would think that's shocking but what's the difference?
Twirl Posts: 5598
I cannot believe 1 in 5 women smoke during pregnancy, i really didnt think the figure would be anywhere near that high. I remember seeing a girl who must have been 6/7 month pregnant falling around drunk in a pub, i was digusted. I saw her a few years later with the child in a shop and she couldnt control it. I often wondered was this child seriously hiper from her drinking ( and probably smoking too ). I used to smoke but i gave up 4 months before getting pregnant and so did my DH thankfully but there is no way i would have smoked or drank. As OP said its a sarcrifice for 9 months and worth it. I often wonder if you did smoke during your whole pregnancy would your baby have an addiction to nicotine from that.
ohsotired Posts: 7071
I was a smoker until 2 weeks ago when I got my BFP - I smoked about 10 a day since I was a teenager and never really tried to give up before never mind actually give up. I'm surprised how easy I'm finding it - it's something that I was brought up with though - even though mam was a smoker she never smoked during pregnancy or breast feeding and always told me I would do the same. I can understand how some people do find it difficult but at the same time you've a little miracle inside your tummy and why you would do anything that might hurt your little bean is beyond me :o(
mammymcphee Posts: 4477
i was watchin this too. Not a smoker myself, so was never and issue. My friend smoked while pregant, which drove me mad, but i never could say anything to her as not my business, but when i called to see the baby at her house, she used to go outside the house as 'sure the baby is in the house i cant smoke with her there' now, that comment drove me mad aswell,. i know she was right to go out of the house like, but what im getting at is, she thought it ok to smoke while she was in her belly, but not while she was in the house, Do ye know what im getting at?? :-8 :-8
ohsotired Posts: 7071
That's pure madness mammymcphee although at least the babs was getting a bit of a reprieve when she went outside! I watched the show online - here's the link for anybody looking to watch it!
kiwibaby Posts: 87
I missed this, but I was a smoker up until just before I found out I was pregnant - didn't find out until 13 weeks but at around 9 or 10 weeks, i could hardly stand smoking anymore. I figured I needed a detox and totally went off them. I had one when I found out I was pregnant as I was in such shock I needed one! But haven't had one since, every so often I want one but if I even smell one I feel sick.