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queenmama Posts: 418
Any other wollies smokers? I'm finding it so hard to stay off the cigarettes. It's like they are everywhere and controlling my cravings aren't getting easier like they are supposed to! Really want to keep off them and not hurt my little bean. Has anyone tips or anything to help?? Please?! This emoticon is teasing me :cool
mammymcphee Posts: 4477
heya mrs, ok, first of all stay away from :cool :cool :o0 :o0 Im not a smoker myself, but my friend is and since she became pregnant, really misses the cigarettes. what she used to do is, have a little bit of fruit everytime she wanted a cigarette.or maybe go to the health shop and see if you could get some sesame sticks maybe to keep you occupied until your craving is gone, My friend is now due her baby next week, and shes so glad she stayed off the ciggies, and shes not even thinking about going back on them !! :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll
carlie2012 Posts: 127
Hey momahopes I was in same situation as you over 2 years ago, when i got pregnant the guilty just killed me that i could me harming the baby and everytime i longed for a cig, i would think how this would harm the baby. I am off them now over 2 years now and i ammthe better of it and so is my pocket. I know lots of people that just cut down to 1 or 2 a day. If you really are finding it hard maybe this would be a better opinion than giving up totally. the best of luck. By the way i feel if i could give them up - anyone can :)
tribesdoll Posts: 295
Hey Mamahopes, I totally feel your pain! I was smoking away good-o, had a cig about 10 mins before doing a pregnancy test as I totally expected it to be BFN!!! Anyway, I stopped straight away, however I really REALLY missed them - specially around Christmas, as I was at home in my parents house a good bit - myself, my Mam, my sister and my aunt would usually have a couple of good nights with the vino and the fags! I caved one night when I was over in my friends house and smoked a couple of cigarettes (I was about 18 weeks pregnant). I felt guilty initially, but when I thought about it - a couple of cigarettes over the course of 9 months is not going to do any harm. And I'm not going to smoke again... Anyway, don't beat yourself up about craving cigarettes... just wanted to reply to let you know you're not on your own!
babyforme Posts: 402
I feel your pain :o( I gave up for my first pregnancy and stupidly went back on them once i stopped breast feeding. This time I gave up again as soon as i got my BFP. I have to say I really miss them i could do without alcohol forever but cigarettes I love them too much. Anyway no tips I'm afraid but it will get better. I found the first time that as soon as I started showing and people knew I was pregnant it was so much easier. Everytime you have a craving picture your little bean and have a glass of water it should help. Good luck.
queenmama Posts: 418
Thanks ladies :lvs It's so bloody hard but it's positive to hear other people have gone through it and managed cravings. I am craving tobacco, I'd nearly chew it at this stage! Hoping my scan in a couple of weeks will give the final push to losing the cravings as it will make it very real. Feckin peer pressure & cigarettes >:o( leading to this stupid addiction O:|