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chefmaid Posts: 2426
Ladies Does anyone have any good recipes for smoothies? I am struggling to eat fruit but find I can drink it much better :o0 Can you use natural yogurt in them? Sorry i am clueless :-8
silver bullet Posts: 176
Hi Chefmaid, If i'm making smoothies at home i usually just fire in whatever fruit i have to be honest. But simple works best maybe try an apple, banana, strawberries with either orange juice or cranberry juice you can put in a yogurt aswell if you like makes the more juice the easier to mush it all together. Happy experimenting dont forget some ice and a straw to top it off.
Mama2b! Posts: 131
When I was suffering with morning sickness, smoothies were my saviour! I'm grand now but still enjoy drinking them. Try some frozen or fresh strawberries, a splash of Orange Juice, a banana or anything else you'd fancy (maybe some more berries like mixed berries or whatever..)...Then add some natural yoghurt..the organic stuff is the best. Whizz it up and YUM!! I like to use frozen berries 'cos it makes the smoothie really icy and cold. Very tasty and good for baba. Also what i love is fresh juice. Get some carrots, ginger and orange juice and juice them. Really good and healthy.
chefmaid Posts: 2426
thanks silver bullet will defo put some yogurt in tonight. :thnk
disguise Posts: 41
Mmmm, I'm always making smoothies: combo of things like: Banana (always) Kiwi Blueberries Raspberries Strawberries Mango and then add fresh yoghurt and orange juice. Freeze the fruit first... tastes yummy. Enjoy
caoimh Posts: 479
i bought a book called the "juice master keeping it simple" by Jason vale... it has recipes for juices and smoothies which are simple to follow and they taste so nice and get you eating so much fruit... i would highly recommend it!!! if it is ideas for smoothies you are looking for get this book
theoracle Posts: 7664
This just made me want to dig out my smoothie maker! My all time favorite is: 1/2 honeydew melon 1/2 pineapple 1/2 banana 1 glass of Tropicana OJ some ice When non-pregnant I used to top it up with malibu!!! :o0 Mixed it up and voila!!!! I am not a fan of adding too much banana as it takes over any other flavour, ie one banana and 1/2 kg of raspberries= one red smoothie tasting like banana, whereas I prefer to be able to taste the other fruits in the mix IYKWIM.
Something sweet Posts: 33
Another suggestion is to put ice-cream or frozen yogurt in! Yum!!
chefmaid Posts: 2426
thanks for the all the idea's. Will have to keep the banana out as the smell alone of them is enough to start me feeling sick. But i had a lovely smoothie last night with blackberries/strawberries/oj and some yogurt