smoothies - whats the story ?

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Boomerang Gal Posts: 714
I just bought a fruit juice from marks and spencers and it says on the bottle that 246 grapes and raspberries have been pressed into this bottle and that this equates to 1 of my five a day. :eek How is this ? How can 246 grapes be one a day ? Also, is this the same if i make a smoothies at home ? Usually i would put a banana, a passion fruit, an orange and a selection of berries into my blender with some apple juice. Does this mean that i only get one portion from all of that ? I would love this one explained . Thanks :thnk
Jeidi Posts: 3128
Maybe they mean 1 portion of the fruit juice is one of your 5 a day and theres more than one portion in the bottle?? There's deffo more than one portion in your home made smoothie
Boomerang Gal Posts: 714
I just checked innocent smoothies and they are argueing that their smoothies contain two portions but dieticians are saying that a smoothie can only have one portion regardless of the content. :eek Surely this cant be right! Any dieticians care to explain this for us ? :wv
Mrspiggytobe Posts: 281
Apparently smoothies, no matter how much fruit, only count for one of your 5 day. This is because the fibre in the fruit is broken down so much before you consume it. Very annoying, but have to say for the most part i don't pay much attention, usually only have 2 or 3 portions more