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Ms Star Posts: 207
Snow falling outside my office in Dublin now. Anyone leaving work early, is it going to be chaos this evening do ye think? My commute is a bit under two hours and I have to go through Wicklow so flying through everything now and hoping to be on the road before four. I'd say a lot of people could be having the same idea though!
bluepolkadots Posts: 1237
I'm in West London and it's pretty bad here. I've come home early. If I wasn't pregnant prob would have stayed on a bit longer but didn't want to drive home any later than I did as it's getting heavier...
Rogue User Posts: 6101
Eek! Whereabouts in Dublin are you? Do NOT want to get stuck in manic traffic this evening!
McLisa Posts: 1815
i just saw a pic on facebook of the sally gap in wicklow and its a white out...coming down here in Belfast like a blizzard, its not lying in the city but in the outskirts it is...thank god its the weekend and we can stay snuggled up for a few days :o)ll
Sassypants Posts: 4461
Nnnnoooooooooooooooooooooo We're going to Galway on Sunday for the night. Paid in advance for hotel room so can't get a refund if we don't go. Nnnnnnnnooooooooooooooooooo
streco80 Posts: 343
Just looking on fb and loads of peeps I know want snow!!! What the hell??? Why?!! Traffic gets bad, can't go anywhere and I get snowed in :( praying the snow doesn't stick in the freeze tonight
Mrs W Posts: 2923
I love snow!!! None in Dundalk yet but there is in Monaghan!! It's not sticking though :-(
tickingclock Posts: 609
I also love snow but worried about the manic traffic. Mightn't see dh anytime soon!
Ms Star Posts: 207
I'm in south Dublin, near Red Cow. just spotted this: ... _s.twitter Aaaaaargh!
ninja next Posts: 1548
where in Dublin is it snowing? I'm in the city centre & its been raining all day!