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mrs Posts: 673
Well I am only 8 weeks pg and no one but me Dh and the Dr knows! But yesterday at a family lunch, my sister asked me across everyone if I was pg cause I wasn't drinking. O-O I just went beatroot and got tongue tied (so not like me) and then she and her BF kept it up for duration of the meal. Like what do you say??!! Today I just feel so p*ssed off at her behaviour! Think now I won't tell them for as long as I can just to bug her!!!!!!! :o0 Like I'd be able to keep it in but hey!
milis Posts: 7998
Ah, that's so unfair! Even if you did want to tell her, I'm sure you wouldn't want to tell her like that! People just don't think.
mrs Posts: 673
So unfair, and it was like she and other had been discussing it as she was able to tell me I wasn't drinking in a few weeks, even though I haven't met her out in ages!! Just nothing between the ears. Hubbie is sure now that they know - practically all the family. so fecking raging! >:o( >:o( >:o( >:o( >:o( >:o( >:o(
milis Posts: 7998
So now when you tell them they'll say "I knew it!" and take the whole good out of it. Tell DH's family first >:o)
mrs Posts: 673
In my bitterness today I was thinking that when I do tell my family I won't tell her and then when she rings me giving out that I never told her, i'd just say ' well sure you knew didn't ya'!! Would love to do that, but I know I wouldn't have the heart!!! Best to forgive and forget . . her day will come and I'll be watching like a hawk!! :o0 :o0
alton Posts: 3077
People can be so insensitive - and it's bad enough to have to put up with that sort of thing when you're actually pregnant but if you've had an MC or are ttc and not getting anywhere that sort of ribbing is absolutely heart breaking. My SIL was a pain - she started on about babies about a month before the wedding and everytime I met her she'd start off again. Mind you she was absolutely overjoyed when we did tell her that we were expecting. In fact she was way more excited than we were.
Krusty Posts: 9
Hi Mrs That is so unfair... my brother is the same, he coped that I wasnt drinking at a wedding last weekend and proceeded to suss me out all night and then again the night after when I was out with the wedding crowd he brought it up - and I know he would be just over the moon for us but it is private at this point in time and nobodies business & just in case anything happens I dont want anyone knowing! Hope your sis lays off a bit now Mrs.. best policy is probably to avoid her if you can for the next few weeks.... it is only 4 weeks or so until you tell everyone anyway! Hope you are feeling a bit better!
mrs Posts: 673
Ya I am fine! Just peeved!! That's the joys! But you'd just think people would let you take your course and be annoying the head on ya!! It is getting difficult now to keep coming up with excuses, so think Dh and I will head away for weekend and at least away from prying eyes!!! It'll all be worth it! :lvs
chloe100 Posts: 97
Hi Mrs.. I had a similar experience with a friend whp preceeded to ask in front of my DH's mother and my sister ' If there was any truth to the rumor that I was pregnant'..... At the time I was about 6 weeks pregnant and had lost over half a stone. She wasn't to know that she was actually right. I'd say she was just stirring it / trying to embarress me in front of my MIL... needless to say when the time came I let my hubby tell them te news as I didn't want to hear the inevitable ' I Knew it!' O:| My point about all this is that people can be very insensitive as if you had trouble concieving then comments like that can be very upsetting..