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Mrs Electric Posts: 1939
I borrowed my small suitcase to DH family and when i got it back yesterday to pack for hospital there was awful musty damp smell as there house is old and damp, does these smells come out or shall i just buy or borrow another one from someone, i had clothes in it before i realized and they all had to be rewashed,. O:| ive loads of bags too big and too small. just wondering if i left suitcase in a warm room will smell disappear or am i wasting my time. its a pain now i have to go looking for a bag and only 5 weeks left, stupid i know. :o0
superduperexcited10 Posts: 1468
dont worry dunnes have some pull along cases like a small weekend case for 20 i think? you could always try putting a sheet in it that you put into tumble dryer when drying clothes......i think they are called bounce!!! best of luk O:o)
Mrs Electric Posts: 1939
thanks anon10 i think i will have to invest alright, thats good value, i must have a look this weekend, i know im fussing myself but its just something i want out of the way. I was thinking of the bounce sheet as well, but smell is very strong, don't know how i didn't notice it before i put clothes into it, silly me. Ill leave it a day or two and see how i go, the bounce might work. Im driving myself mad now as i keep thinking ill go early :o0 and have no bag....i may keep hoping eh???
superduperexcited10 Posts: 1468
if you keep thinking you'll go'll make yourself go!!!!!! it mus be so exciting thinking your going to have a new little person before xmas.... treasure it mrs electric!!!! try leaving the bag out in the fresh air tomor if its dry!!!! best of luck with everything :thnk
Mrs Electric Posts: 1939
yea ive been saying that months now! dont want to go too early, wouldn't mind a week or so. Im very excited, cant wait and my fav time of year as well, got married last xmas too. I never thought of leaving it outside, good idea, thanks, i thought i was been stupid posting this up but i knew someone would think of something i couldnt :o0 thanks again!.... :thnk
Mammypig Posts: 832
Heya mrs, we had this problem when going on honeymoon. the cases were in the attic and really smealt horrible when we took them down. I left them open in the spare room for a few days and sprayed them with glade air freshener. also put drops of lavender oil on a tissue and left them in it even when we packed them for honeymoon. did the trick and everything smealth lovely although dh was giving out about his clothes smelling "girly"
Littlebaby2b Posts: 296
Hi Mrs electric, o get rid of the smell you can sprinkle some normal bicarbonate of soda in it, leave it a day or too and then vacuum out and it should smell like new. It'll absorb the smell. If the bag is leather you can rub the outside with wet tea leaves and it would ge trid of that horrible wet leather smell. Hope this helps
Mrs Electric Posts: 1939
Wow never heard of any of these tips before, thanks girls. Smell is still on it, and it practically on top of radiator so will try all of these, i cant leave it outside as we have dogs and like to pee on everything :o0 plus weather getting bad. Thanks again... :thnk