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applesauce Posts: 8
I've four children. My youngest is 1 and ffs I'm so broody. I love everything about pregnancy. I love labour. I love each milestone with new baby. I just love being a mommy. Unfortunately no.5 won't happen in reality and it's killing me. Can anybody out there relate? I'm fed up with people getting their comments in about how they hope I'm finished and don't get pregnant again etc. Them comments add to my pain and make me realise that I want it all again. Ahhh! Why am I so broody? Help!
baby_elite Posts: 108
Why can't you have a 5th?
Mrsmonoiam Posts: 417
Go on go for a 5th! You sound like you'd love too!!!
LoveActually Posts: 106
70schick Posts: 201
How come no 5 can't happen? Is it 100% no way? What does your partner think? If it's possible then I say go for it!! I have 2 and am ready for a padded cell most days so I take my hat off to you with 4 and thinking of another!! As for people telling you that you're finished, isn't it charming how they think they can take control of your family planning....grrrrrr........ O:| O:| O:| O:|
IlikeStuff Posts: 51
People can be so rude. If you're not finished, and your OH is up for it go for number 5.
applesauce Posts: 8
Ah ladies thanks for replies. No we are done because 4 is comfortable for now anyway as they fit in the car nicely lol. We are still young so maybe it could happen down the line. My oh would not be pushed now but he would go for it if I truly wanted it. He's easy going that way. I was so content and finished after my fourth and then BAM I just have that want again. I can't even watch one born every min without feeling mushy and jealous lol. What am l like. As for the comments. They are irritating but I nod and say yes definitely no more. Meh!
Weird Cat Lady Posts: 3501
I'm sure many here can identify with the power of your broodiness, applesauce. I have to ask though - in what context do people make the comments? What is said? I was trying to imagine how it would come up in such a brutally blunt way and I'm stumped.
expecting no3 Posts: 623
Hey, im the exact same. Ds2, my third, is 5 mths and the thoughts of never having another is killing me. I sat down and watched one born every min and I was in tears last night. ive been trying to talk dh around and he finally conceded but then everytime we have a bad night with one of the kids he blurts out that we're done and that he doesn't what anymore. He doesn't realise how hurtful it is when he says this. Its such an emotional rollercoaster, one min he says we can have our fourth then the next he'll say no. It deflates me. He's so eager for me to get back to work. We're getting by at the mo which is enough for me but he wants to be able to spend as he pleases. He fears another baby will delay that. Im just so afraid i will grow to resent him if i don't get to have another. I just can't seem to get by these overwhelming feelings of wanting another. It dominates my thinking but that's not to take away from my other children. I think they would also benefit from having another sibling.
applesauce Posts: 8
General conversation about my children which they throw the "now you are finished aren't you or stay on that birth control etc. Just like that it comes in. Sometimes I feel like I've 10 the way they'd say it or that they'd be raising the baby lol. Aw expecting no3 that's hard on you. Well I can say that the fourth really makes no difference to the family at all. I find having 4 easier than when I had two. I've 3 under 5 and my eldest is in primary school. I was an only child growing up and dreamed of a big family. I love my children having each other. Plus knowing they'll be there for each other when we're not around no more. Hopefully your dh will come around. You still have plenty of time to get him on board as babs is only 5 months. For now we're stuck with one born every min and the tissues lol.