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sizzler Posts: 13
was not going to post this but has been bugging me and please believe that is not spam. We are all in our late 20s and early 30's. Background- a group of us usually all head into town tog on a arranged night. This had not happened for a while. Anyway invited one of the couples over on a week night for a chat - everything grand. This girl said oh we will arrange a night out when ye get back from hols. We all had not been out tog in months. So thats grand, I get a text from this particular girl lets call her Vanessa, text me to have a good time on hol. I text back the usual and to tell her partner happy early 30th. So thats grand too. Anyway we get back from hols on a Sat and have a 21st that night so go to that. Anyway mon comes and I get a an email from Vanessa, we were out sat with the lads. Thats fine. However on Thursday I get a call from Sarah (of who I have done and listened to her problems with her probs Vanessa since I don't know when, these are ironed out now, )and that they went out for a meal and for this persons 30th. My heart sank and was extremely short with her on the phone. Totally unlike me. I def wont be on call morn, noon and night for her anymore.I feel very used but not going to let it happen again. What got me was that it was a secret and if it was just a reg night but no, it was a specific occasion and no one said anything to me not that they went out as i had the 21st but would have headed into town if had known. As Vanessa text me have a good hol and did not mention anything about her 30th persume there was nothing on for it. I just find it all very sly. I understand I had the 21st and we may have not went but what I don't understand is the secretiveness and not saying anything about it until it over. Roll on afew days and this girl vanessa texts me oh we must oragnise a night out have not been out together in ages.ffs. I kept calm and did not say anything.... [Perhaps its petty but i just find the whole thing very sly and am shocked by my so called friends behaviour
gottabfp Posts: 5641
This is going to wat you up unless you say something. I know i couldnt brish it under the carpet if one of my friends had done this on me. There is obviously a reason why you were not invited but id ask them before jumping to conclusions.... as in human error we always jump to the worst possible one.
Lizzie02 Posts: 2624
Had this very recently. It's a hard one and I am wondering what way to play it - will I say something or rise above it? Hope you're okay xx