So confused about hospital bag/bags!

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mommylicious Posts: 836
So I'm going off the eumom list Which is great and comprehensive. But I'm confused, how many seperate bags do I need. Do I need one for the maternity ward with the towels, pjs, wash stuff etc. Then one for the labour ward with the loose nightie and all that, then one for the baby for the labour ward with his vest and mitts and stuff and then another one for the baby for being back on the ward???? That's 4 bags. Or do I just have the one bag with everything in it and can bring that one into the labour ward and all that? Stupid question I know, but there's just so much stuff!!
FingersCrossed2010 Posts: 71
From reading on here its advised to have 3 bags. First one is the labour ward bag, which will have some toiletries, pj to change into after birth, baby outfit etc. Second bag is your ward bag with stuff to do you for your stay in hospital. And third bag is for baby stuff, more for convenience, as easier to have separate than your own ward bag, but if you wanted to combine the two, it wouldnt make any odds. I think most people when going into hospital just bring in their labour bag, leaving the other 2 in the boot, and after giving birth, Dad can take home the labour bag, and bring in the other 2. Hope that makes sense :wv
fizzy bubbles Posts: 339
I remember packing my bags when I was pregnant on ds and it really wrecked my head!! I had two bags, one for labour and one for hospital stay. In my labour bag I had 2 x night dresses, bath robe, slippers, camara, 2 x granny knickers and maternity pads, vaseline, towel and also I had a hat, vest, baby grow, nappy and cardi for ds. DS was not dressed though until I went to ward so didnt really need stuff for him in my labour bag. In my hospital stay bag, I had pj's, tolietries what ever else I needed for myself and for ds I had baby gros, vests, nappies, cotton wool etc. When I went into hopital in labour we just brought the labour bag and once I had ds and moved down to the ward dh rang out and got my other bag and brought home what he could. HTH
Happymammy2010 Posts: 837
I had my DD in Dec just gone and this is what I did: I had a labour bag: (This was a small suitcase the kind you would bring as hand luggage on hols) For Me: 1 Dark Bath Towel 1 Dark Hand Towel 2 Night Dresses 1 Dressing Gown (Light) 2 pairs of socks (My feet were freezing during labour) Light slippers (you know the kind that are soft again out of penneys) 3 Underware (Penneys best - Big ones) 1 pack of disposable underware (waste of money they are in the wardrobe upstairs) Wash Bag (Tooth Brush, Shower Gel, Small Shampoo, Toothpaste, Facewash, Face Cream & Small tub of vaseline) Maternity Pads (Didnt need these as they put a hospital one on you) Camera (For after baby was born) For Baby: 1 Nappy 1 Vest 1 Babygrow 1 Hat 1 Cardigan My main hospital bag: (This was a large bag with wheels out of Dunnes) For me: Dark Dressing Gown 3 Pairs of Dark PJs 15 Pairs of dark underware (I found that I just threw them away at every loo visit the 1st day) Slippers Socks 2 Dark Bath Towels 2 Dark face Cloths (I used these to wash down there in the shower and put in bin after) :-8 1 Hand towel for my hair Maternity Pads (The best ones you can get are the big green ones that they use in the hospital - Most chemists stock them) Bobbins for my hair Hair Brush Phone Charger Small amount of money €10 (I ended up having to buy more maternity pads in the shop so was glad I had this money with me) For Baby: 5 Baby Grows (I did use as my baby got sick twice on herself in day 1) 2 Cardigans 5 Vests 1 Small Pack of nappies 1 pack of cotton wool 1 Hat 20 Alchol wipes (For babys belly button - the rotunda didnt supply these) 10 Bibs 1 Towel Wash Bag with: 1 small bottle of Baby Wash, 1 soft sponge, 1 small baby shampoo I then left a bag at home with: Clothes for myself to go home in (Something comfortable and big) Clothes for baby to go home in Coat for Baby Hat for Baby 2 Spare PJs Spare Underware Spare Nappie Spare Babygrows, vests and cardigans I had plenty in what I brought and I found leaving the bag at home with our things for coming home was great as I just told DH where it was and there was no trying to direct him to get stuff and bring it in I can only imagine what I would have had to go home in (no doubt it would have been too small anyway :o0 ) I just brought my labour bag in initially however I was in slow labour so in the end was admitted 3 days prior to giving birth so I had to bring my big bag in as well, DH then had to bring in the spare bag for going home and I was able to take the spare pjs etc out and send the bag home again. HTH
Mooches Posts: 875
Thanks for that HappyMammy, it's very clear. Can I just ask... Why all the 'dark' things? I've seen this on threads a good few times but don't know why a dark towel / underwear / nightie is mentioned. :-8 I have a lot to learn!
FingersCrossed2010 Posts: 71
Mooches - we're going to bleed alot after giving birth, so dark towels and pj's save from embarrassing leakages :innocent:
Happymammy2010 Posts: 837
Hi Mooches, You will definitly need the dark towels etc for after delivery, I was bleeding very heavily afterwards and having the dark pjs etc saved embarressment (sp) if you get destroyed while you have visitors etc, as I said I just threw the cheap underware in the bin when they got destroyed, this only lasts for a couple of days and then it will all settle down. It is really up to you if you want dark stuff or not. I wouldnt be worrying about having a dark nightdress for delivery as mine didnt get destroyed however I did throw it in the bin so a cheap one will do you. HTH
mommylicious Posts: 836
Thanks girls, great list happymammy. Think I know where I'm going now. So much stuff! I may need to invest in a bigger bag, my towels alone would fill the one I have!