So confused over facial scrubs after having microdermabrasio

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emlo Posts: 1506
Hi all My usual cleansing routine is to use a face scrub in the morning followed by moisturiser. I usually don't cleanse ind the evening as I don't wear make-up during the day :-8 At weekends I'd usually use a cleanser and remove it with cotton wool, tone & moisturise. Anyway, I had my first session of microdermabrasion on Saturday. When I explained that I would use a face scrub most days, the therapist was aghast :ooh She said I was putting my skin through way too much and I should just use a mild face wash. So since Saturday I've just used a normal face wash but it seems without using the scrub my skin looks dull and I can see fine lines. What's going on??! I thought I'd look radiant after the MD! Have I been using facial scrubs for too long now that my skin is dependent on it and is scrubbed so much to within an inch of it's life that the MD is of no use to me? Is it bad to be exfoliating every day even though it says on the packaging "daily exfoliator", "for everyday use", etc. I usually have quite good skin for my age and just wanted the MD to reduce a few acne scars - not really to get ride of fine lines. Any suggestions / advice would be welcome. Hope this all makes sense!
makeupaddict Posts: 592
You should really exfoliate max twice a week but there are lots of daily scrubs on the market that are mild enough to use on a daily basis so i would be worried if it was one of those. I like Clinique's 7 day scrub cream and use it almost every day in the shower. I'd do a proper exfoliation then once a week.