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dublinredhead Posts: 917
Just on for a bit of a rant .... Yesterday went down to Mams with a veil that I'd borrowed from a friend to try it on with the dress... my mam and sister were there and I just felt like it was a huge chore for them to help me try on the dress and the veils. Then they started on about my weight yet again. I stood there looking at my reflection in the mirror in my dress and just felt horrible... just kept thinking that maybe I do look horrible and that I'm going to be a horrible big fat ugly bride on the day. I know its stupid and that all that matters is what me and OH want, but for some reason its really upset me a lot. Maybe I've been watching too many of those wedding programmes where the mothers and BM have tears in their eyes when the dress is tried on. I know I have put on a bit of weight over the past month or so but OH has been sick and I've really just been getting myself go a bit with worrying over him. I just feel really let down by Mam and Sis (who is CBM) and feel like they're just not all that interested in the wedding after all, as they also looked at invitation samples with me and even though I asked which ones they liked all I got was "whatever you want". I just feel really disheartened about the wedding now.
wonderwife Posts: 463
Hi Dublinredhead Saw your post and just wanted to offer my perspective... Try not to get down or let this distract you from enjoying your wedding planning. With regards to your mum and sis, I have found that my mother and sister didn't seem as interested in the wedding as I wanted them to be but I have to say with two months to go they now couldn't be more interested! They certainly didn't cry when I found my dress - it's just not them. I really do think though as time goes on they will become more interested. As regards your weight. Please don't let this get to you. You still have a bit of time so if you want to lose weight you can but similarly if you're happy with your weight and have other pressures with your H2B not being well then just put this out of your head. I have NEVER seen a bride who wasn't stunning whatever weight she was and you will be stunning too! In fact, I may be shot down, but a curvy bride is much nicer than a skinny minney! Hope you're H2B is better soon. x
dublinredhead Posts: 917
Thanks Engaged09 Am feeling a little better after a morning spent browsing WOL! My Mam also phoned me there about half an hour ago to apologise for yesterday, that she didn't mean to make me feel bad, she just thought that I should know the truth so that I'd have time to loose the extra inch or 2 to make the dress fit better. As for my sister - I should have known better as she didn't even seem to get excited about her own wedding!!!!! THanks for your support. And thanks also for the well wishes for H2B.... he's doing a whole lot better in the past 2 weeks or so, has gone back to work so its all looking good, so hopefully it will stay that way!
Cassiopeia Posts: 222
Hey dublinredhead, Glad things seem better for u today. It sounds like you've been under a bit of pressure lately so just wanted to say try not to take things family members say or do to heart! You'll look great on d day regardless of weight and you and h2b will have a great day. So stay positive and don't let negative remarks get to u x
louthgal Posts: 308
Hey my mam and all my family really weren't interested in the wedding at all up until about 2 months ago maybe. The amount i cried coz i thought they didnt care but really its just coz there still a good few months to go. Wait until you see them closer to the time the excitement will defo show then. As for your dress i am by no means skinny myself and i know it but at the end of the day when you walk up that aisle there is only going to be one person who matters and that person is going to think you are the most beautiful bride he has ever seen and ever will see just remember that. Glad to hear your h2b is doing better :)
wonderwife Posts: 463
Glad to hear you're feeling better today and H2B is on the mend! :thnk