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angel3 Posts: 1572
Spent the whole day crying yesterday :o( :o( really wish i didnt feel like this & to make matters worse 1 of the fella's reversed in to me this morning in work i'm ok as it wasnt like a big bang & i seen him coming car has just a few scrapes on it but i let him have it oops O:| ! Wrong morning for it to happen!
Emme Posts: 4735
I had a few days like that last week angel, it's horrible. In my case I think sleep makes a lot of things better! You feel so stupid crying over the smallest thing.
angel3 Posts: 1572
Emme - I think sleep is what it's all down to i havent been sleeping properly at all just wasnt a nice person to be around yesterday poor DH dont know how he puts up with me - SIL announced pregnancy on Sat and he thought i was annoyed over that
Emme Posts: 4735
My DH just alternates between fear and confusion. He's doing his best so really try not to take it out on him but sometimes there's nobody else around! I got a wedge pillow after 4 very bad nights sleep, it changed my life! Ah well maybe not that dramatic but I'm sleeping so well now and in much better form. Able to handle the day!
coconut Posts: 2183
angel i was like that last wk aswell, if u looked at me i would have being in tears!!!
angel3 Posts: 1572
Thank god im not alone! :o)ll Feel a little better today just hope i can sleep tonight.