So i am responsible for Christmas dessert....

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blueboots Posts: 833
And i have never made dessert in my life :-8 I would really like to make an effort. Its for 10 people. Any ideas please? If i could freeze it in advance it would be great but not essential. Thanks girls!
mrsmoo2202 Posts: 1930
Last year I re-created the raspberry panna cotta from the M&S food book. Made a raspberry jelly, used prosecco instead of cold water and threw in raspberries, left it to set. Then made the panna cotta, poured over the jelly, left to set, then turned it out when was all set, was nom. Not freezable tho I wouldn't think, but doesn't take long to make :o)ll
ott Posts: 3920
Oh, it has to be Christmas pudding! :o)ll
nelswife Posts: 3869
Check out the odlums website for recipe ideas
reine Posts: 1771
Any of these... Pavlova Big platter of profiteroles Sherry trifle Banoffee pie (v easy!) Tira Misu Cheesecake All the above are hassle-free to make.
macker2b Posts: 720
CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE CAKE one packet of Maryland choc chip cookies one good glug of sherry...harveys bristol cream cream..whipped to soft peaks dip said cookies in sherry really quickly knock off any excess sandwich cookies with cream into a log cover in cream can use a flake to decorate if you want to get fancy stick in fridge for a few hours DONE
Lizzie02 Posts: 2624
I made a pavlova for the last two christmas dinners we did (for 5 adults) and it went down a treat so think I will go for it again this year.
ros33 Posts: 202
macker2be I make that with Baileys yummy!! Must try it with sherry! Blueboots, If you want to do the christmas pudding it is made weeks in advance I made mine 2 weeks ago! and it is just steamed on the day for an hour or so, as others have said Trifle or Cheesecake would be easy enough to do, or you could do a sticky toffee pudding. hth
PaniniRoses Posts: 3628
Macker2b, I do that with orange juice and cognac! Add a few orange segments for decoration and you have yum on a plate yum...
Tassie Posts: 34
I always think pavlova is a great dessert after a heavy meal as even if you're stuffed its light and easily eaten. Meringue can be made few days before and cream an fruit added just before serving.