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mrs sarah c Posts: 522
I was there over the weekend.The staff are so pleasant and helpful.They must have assembled and folded 3 double buggies for us so complaints!! Anyway with service like that I will def be going back! It was the one at northside shopping centre
louise7 Posts: 126
This willprob be deleted, but I will never, ever set foot in there again nor give them a penny. This is the one on the Northside too. We spent €800 on a buggy there and had huge problems with it. We gave it back and they promised us a replacement in a couple of days - They said they did'nt have a replcement in stock and would have to get one from the supplier. Two weeks later, lots of phonecalls and arguments and shoulder shrugging on their part I stormed in (after speaking to Tony Kealy himself) and said I wanted a new buggy there and then or my money back. I had been stuck at home with Baba for 2 weeks as I had no buggy and no car. The manager 'luckily' was able to 'find' a brand new buggy for me in the storeroom there and then. I made sure everyone in the shop heard how I had been treated. I did'nt even get an apology - just huffing and puffing. We wrote to Tony Kealy about this appalling customer service but never even got a response - which I think is a disgrace. I think they are dreadful and would avoid They could'nt have been nicer or more helpful in helping me spend my €800 either but forget it if you have a problem >:o( Grrrrrrrrr aa