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Hepburn Posts: 4081
:( The time has come for me to say farewell to all you brides to be, married women, expectant mothers, dossers, chancers, good time gals and ...trolls. :lol: I have recently started a course in UCD and between that, motherhood and work I have really lost track of things on WOL. I feel its the right time to move on. I actually have tears in my eyes typing this. I have enjoyed every minute( and there were lots) on here and will miss the craic very much. Thanks to all the old timers for all your help and the laughs. Fleur, Moniker, Peg, Mrs.Gina, Clio99, Anon10yr, Mrs. Allie, Aisling San G,Grainne 20. Peaches, Mrs05etc...its been great. I will check in from time to time, so if any newbies have questions about marrying in Prague, tell them to PM sadie05. Best of luck to everyone...Byeeeeeeeeeee :D
Mrs O'Neill Posts: 417
Good luck in the real world!! its meant to be a scary place!
Mama Dora Posts: 14987
Ah thats so sad :cry: dont go.....we want you to stay,you could just log on once a week. Thanks for saying bye though instead of just forgetting us. Take care out there,and hope to see you around now and again :wv
*Smajra* Posts: 1440
Ah, another one jumping ship :( Seriously though, fair play to you working, being a mum and taking up a course, you must really live up to your avatar :lol: All the best in all of it and I hope you dont just disapear, a quick hello from time to time may be doable :wink: :wv
2557 Posts: 885
Best of luck Sadie. Drop in occasionally to say hello now!!
Grainne20 Posts: 835
OHHHH NNOOOO booohoooo to you!!!! :cry: You will be missed, but you have to do whats best for you......Good luck with it drop in for a cuppa from time to time ok!!!! :wv :(
Italy05 Posts: 63
Hey Sadie, Time for me to go too I think. Only fleeting in and out for the last few months really. Best of luck with everything. Wishing you all the best. :wv Aisling.
Mrs. Allie Posts: 275
Ciao Sadie! Take care! Allie
Fio Posts: 812
All the best Sadie - Good luck with everything! Fio
Hepburn Posts: 4081
Thanks everyone...will def drop in from time to time. :wv