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Yippee!!! Posts: 26
Hi Ladies I am on a roll with all my questions tonight i have a few weddings and work functions coming up over the next few months, I am 5 weeks pregnant due in Feb dont want to tell people until i really really have too!!!....hoping that will be around 20 weeks mark, what do i tell people when i amnt drinking I cant have a kidney infection for 15 weeks!!!! :o0 :o0
vanilla icecream Posts: 2125
welcome yipee and congratulations :o)ll it is so exciting! The drinking thing is hard. I was at a hens yesterday and it is hard. I just drank 7 up and pretended it was vidka and 7 up. I also had a few non alcoholic beers in a glass so just looked like bears so dont think girls were none the wiser
CarrieD Posts: 460
Hey i know what you mean - i had two weddings and a few nights out - i managed to get away with it until i was 10 weeks. At the first wedding i was fine with my glass of water with lemon in it pretending it was vodka and white - however one or two of the girls were suss and on pregnancy watch (as i had avoided a few nights out) so they were watching me - when i went out dancing they tasted my drink to see what it was - i was raging cos it was obvious i wasn't ready to tell yet - it's tough alright - but you'll get clever with excuses - one week i said to a friend that i had to go for a gastroscopy the next day so couldn't drink.
Emme Posts: 4735
Ice and hangovers!!! Use ice to dilute your drinks and make them last longer and as you sip say you can't face drink after last night! Don't use antibiotics as a reason! It's a giveaway!
bunnyhop1 Posts: 419
I've had tonsilitis for the last 6 weeks!!! :o0 :o0 Going away with friends at the weekend...they're sooooo going to cop on!!!