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newbridetobe! Posts: 21
hey Girls, very new to this site, but just got engaged in the last few weeks !!!! very happy but now its down to the business of trying to organise the wedding !!!!! would be on a somewhat tight budget - never realised how much money everything costs !! im trying to do research on exactly what costs what so i can do up a budget and know what we can spend on what exactly...if any one has any tips or budget tips and tricks, id be sooo grateful, kind of not too worried about the Venue - but the weddings car, the band, phototgrapher, video man, flowers all that - and do you have to give a donation to your church or priest ? dont really have anyone to ask as havent had much experience of getting married or weddings im the first in the family ! thanks so much for any replies !!!!
Delphinium Posts: 3027
Hi Newbridetobe! First of all Congratulations! Only engaged myself in May and those first few weeks are sooo exciting!! :o)ll :o)ll Enjoy! I know, there's a lot to consider. Because I'm getting married inside of a year I just got a lot of things booked straight away so I've even got my dress already! Budget wise, I would start with a list of what you want. Your priority will be to set your date - i.e. church and venue booked! After that your Band and Photographer because they get booked up and can only do one wedding a day. Also take care with your photographer and don't scrimp here - the photos are all you have left of your Big Day. The best advice I got is that your guests will only remember two things - the Food and the Band/Entertainment. Do the best you can with those. After that there are things you can maybe do without or cut back on. We're not bothering with video (honestly how many times will you watch it?). And the jury's out on wedding cars. No-one sees them. You arrive at the church - all your guests are inside before you! And by the time you get to the reception after your photos they're inside before you again! So think about what you really need, what you don't, what your guests won't notice (!) and what you can ask friends and family to do for you (any musicians, singers, someone who might make a cake, etc.) Best of luck!! :wv
dancerformoney Posts: 2733
hey! congrats on engagement! dont really have any tips except do plenty of research and get loads of quotes from ppl. this way you can decide what is a reasonable price or not. and you can always ask here what ppl think of prices etc. i thought i would only have to give the priest a donation but he actually gave me a booklet telling me what is expected in that church including the E250 to pay him!! something else i didnt know was the notice to marry with the state. you have to tell the registrar of marriages that you are getting married and then pay them E150. that has to be done no less than 3 months before wedding. the priest gave me the number for that but not sure what other wollies have done. Maybe you can ask around and see what talents family and friends have!! like cakes, flowers, invites!! i will prob make my own, havent seen anything i like yet!! but family friends doing cake and flowers. will prob get a fancy car from family as they average about 400-500E but wont book till closer to date. one of the most important things is deciding what you want for the day and hoew you want it to pan out on the day!! congrats and happy planning!! :o)ll :o)ll
fushia Posts: 223
hello newbridetobe, congradulations on your engagement :wv I'm so jealous, it's such a great time. You can cut alot of corners with planning a wedding, one of the big things was that we didn't hire a videographer. i don't really like them at weddings and prefer looking at photo's anyday. we put a few extra bob into our photographer - o she was fab. We got a friend to video part of the church cermony (only regret he didn't record speeches at meal). DH mother made 2 out of 3 tiers of the cake and the other tier and icing was done locally and only cost €85 :wv :wv I found a florist who worked on a budget, i gave her a budget of €700 and what i wanted so she worked around that in sourcing flowers etc. i agree with b2bmay10, the food and band are what people think about afterwards, but look around. Maybe a friend has a nice fancy car, ask to borrow that. i woulnd't spend much on the car. We got a local guy that has a vintage car, he doens't do much weddings, but is all in vintage rallys etc. so maybe sus out someone like that.
newbridetobe! Posts: 21
thanks so much girls for all the tips !!!! really appreciate it ! yup defo think ill be a regular here for the next year ive so many things whizzing around in my head ! thats a good idea about giving the florist an amount of money and asking to do what they can with that - totally agree about some things, like invitations for me arnet that big of a deal, the band as well i dont want to spend thousands on but want to get someone good though - cause like you said people will remember the music ! thanks a mil for the replies !! :wv
summersurprise Posts: 1276
Congrads on being engaged and welcome to the wonderful world of Wollies, you will certainly get plenty of info on here as the ladies are all a fountain of knowledge :wv
Wedding?? Posts: 452
Congratulations! This is just a quick list of some of the main things you will need to budget for (if you require same)! I know a lot have advised NOT to get a Videographer - I was originally not getting one, and my family were also saying I was right not too. However, a few posts on this forum changed my mind. I ended up getting a videographer - and I am so glad I did. I look at this - more than my pictures. You get to see things you would NOT have been part of - when all the guests arrive, when your hubby and the groomsmen are waiting on your arrival... the Speeches, first dance etc! I love our DVD!!! Advice on budget - Shop around.. offer to pay cash if possible - and do your best where possible to get a "deal". We got a discount on our menu, wine, videographer!! Also try and pick a hotel that does MORE than just provide room / food etc.... Compare what each hotel offers e.g some provide tea/coffee/cakes when people arrive / Chair covers etc! USE THIS SITE - ask anything !!! Church Date Guest List and No's Choose Bridal Party Band Wedding DRESS Bridesmaid Dresses Photographer Flowers Bridal Accessories Bridesmaids Accessories Accomodation Church Music Honeymoon Wedding Rings Legal / Church Costs Pre-marriage Course Mass Booklet Invitations Transport Cake Favours Unity Candle Wedding DVD Grooms Suits Gifts Styling – Hair / Makeup / Nails etc