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soexcited78 Posts: 63
Hi Girls, I'm 8 weeks pg and have an early scan on Thursday but i'm so nervous and excited at the same time I feel good and i'm confident but I had a m/c before - the only thing that's keeping me going is that my clothes are getting tighter so i'm presuming everything is growing how is should be i've no cramping or anything or sickness just very tired and my boobs are massive and very sore!! - I suppose i'm just looking for some reassurance from anybody who has been in my position! thanks :)
littlemama Posts: 471
congrats to u :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll i also had a MC with first pregnancy so i understand the nerves. what you're describing sounds really positive though - i found the tiredness unreal this time around. don't worry about not being sick as i only started throwin up around the 8 week mark, and if you don't feel sick, that's ok too, ur just one of the lucky ones. best of luck with scan on Thurs and i know it will go great for u.
soexcited78 Posts: 63
thanks a mill littlemama that makes me feel so much better because I was reading something saying that morning sickness is actually quite healthy so of course my head was racing thinking there was someting wrong with me but none of my sisters were sick so that's a good thing I suppose I am one of the lucky ones! good luck with the rest of your pregnancy and thanks again for the reply :)