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lainey123 Posts: 10
Hello All, It's so nice to join you and congrats to everyone. This will be my second child after a m/c last year so I'm trying to keep it to myself unitl the 12 week mark.( Around the 8 week mark now, I think!!) Except... my Mum asked me to make lunch on Sat. while she ironed. I asked her husband what he'd like and he said a salmon sandwich. OH GOD, I hate the smell of it at the best of times but on Saturday I wasn't feeling the best. Tried in vain to make it, holding my nose as I did so but to no avail. Ran to the bathroom .. the rest you all know. Needless to say my Mum copped on straight away. :eek It's lovely that she knows but I would have preferred her finding out a different way. Oh the tiredness girls.... I'm living for the evenings to get home, so desparate for sleep that I think I'll miss Desparate Housewives tomorrow night and I'm a complete addict! :o0 I'm waiting for an appointment with the EPU in Holles St. to get an early scan and I'm so nervous after last year. PG everything will be fine. Hope you're all feeling ok this lovely Monday morning. Just keep thinking about maternity leave, it's the only thing keeping me sane! :yelrotflmaosmilie:
silíní Posts: 4219
Congratulations Lainey!!!! Best of luck with it all!! Mums have radar about these things i swear!!!!! :o0
darkie27 Posts: 1449
Hi Lainey, Congrats on your pregnancy its great isnt it im so excited we are around the same time I havent had a scan yet another 6 weeks I really cant wait xx
Dootsay Posts: 958
:o)ll congratulations Lainey :o)ll sometimes I think Mum's are psychic too, wishing you a healthy and happy pregnancy ahead *)
lainey123 Posts: 10
AHH Thanks so much girls! :xxx The ol' hormones are everywhere today so you're all making me weepy. I have a little boy whose almost 3 and I asked him last night would he like a baby in our house and he replied " no Mammy I'd like a dog!!!". Guess it'll take a while for him to come around to the idea of a new baby. Oatcakes are my new best friends by the way, nibbling away here at my desk and trying to get a minute away from prying ears to book into the hospital.( Nosey parkers!) Do you mind me asking girls, have any of you gone public/private and do you find any difference? I went public with my son and although it was manic I found the service great. the one thing that's putting me off is that I know I won't be seen until week 15 ish at the earliest and if something goes wrong, then it will be too late.
tinyfairy Posts: 1536
Welcome Lainey! :o)ll Congratulations on your BFP and boy am I living for maternity leave.. I can't wait to get out of the place. My mind is on one thing only and I swear I'm going practically nothing these days! I can't compare public I'm afraid but I am semi-private and I have found the experience great. First appointment wasn't until 19 weeks though but that seems the norm these days, maternity hospitals are so so busy. I attended the EPU once though with bleeding at 7 weeks and I was brought back for an appointment at 10 weeks to make sure all was ok. You say you are attending the EPU so you could ask them for a follow up appointment to save you waiting so long. We also had a private scan at 14 weeks soley for reassurance! Our appointment at 19 weeks included a scan (which was in the main hospital/public) and then we saw the mid-wife and doctor in the semi-private unit. It was so relaxed in the semi-private unit compared to the main hospital, nice chairs and magazines to read!!!!! Whatever you decide I hope you have a lovely experience and all goes well for you :xxx
under construction Posts: 3458
Welcome Lainey and congratulations on your BFP. Wishing you a very happy and healthy pregnancy.
lainey123 Posts: 10
Thank you girls for all your kind wishes. Well I rang the hospital this morning and I'm booked in semi private( think it was the magazines and comfy chairs that sold me :o0 ) My first appointment is June 5th , a week before we go on hols so I've got loadsa things to look forward to. My GP has requested that I attend the EPU so I'll definitely ask them for a follow up if I think I need it. However I will get a private scan done around the 14 week mark , for reassurance purposes only. I'm normally not the forceful type but I think I was too lax last year and should have insisted on getting scanned when I suspected something wasn't right. Meanwhile,my friends are all obsessed with losing weight for hols at the moment so I'm playing along telling them all I'm on the GI diet- I'm the worst advertisement ever for poor Rosemary Conley!!!!!What can you do except lie, lie, lie. One of my single friends is telling me all about her pregnant friends, whose had what babies, you's swear she knew but I know she hasn't a clue cos I've told her I'm considering going on hols with her & her gang in September! I hope they'll understand. Hope we're all feeling well today,