so nosy! how much do ye earn monthy?

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bree Posts: 1880
im just plain nosy today but wondering inc DH how much comes into your house monthly...earnings only now..after tax???
Higgs particle Posts: 4557
Not enough would be my reply
Tinker Bell Posts: 875
I second that!!
Dreamster Posts: 6620
9K plus a month - what do ye all do for living :eek :eek :eek
Ghostbuster Posts: 1268
Yeah WTF? 9K? Are these people working 5 jobs and claiming the 'Weller' at the same time?
Gone2007 Posts: 4182
What denominations is that in - lira?
NotHere Posts: 10273
[quote="KwsWife":3sqm0uzf]9K plus a month - what do ye all do for living :eek :eek :eek[/quote:3sqm0uzf] I'm a lapdancer and he is a pimp :o0
clucky Posts: 26471
[quote="Magpie":5akk6etd]What denominations is that in - lira?[/quote:5akk6etd] pmsl :o0
MadameKinky Posts: 222
Well, a joint income of around the €170,000 mark would put you over the €9,000 net per month. So not unheard of.
irishbabe Posts: 170
A professional couple working as doctors/solicitors/accountants for example could easily earn that a month.