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scoutf Posts: 667
Someone- tea and sympathy please! Ive been trying to get healthy after my post-wedding-relax-you-can-now-eat-everything and in the last week I've gained 2lbs! Here's the kicker: the only thing I've done differently last week is go to the gym 3 times :o(
SandyClaws Posts: 3108
awww scoutf that must be disheartening- but you may have just turned some of the excess fat into muscle with the gym, cos muscle weighs more than fat so it may be a good sign
scoutf Posts: 667
Can it really happen after three sessions though? My DH said the same but I wasnt sure at all. And 2lbs of muscle mass in three sessions seems a lot :( Thanks for the reply though :)
Elban26 Posts: 2458
It could be just muscle building up from the gym. It weighs more than fat.... Don't be downhearted, you'll get there. There could be other factors, like time of month maybe?? I had the same attitude with food when I was on honeymoon and did put up nearly a stone :-8 Back on track now, but still not down to pre wedding weight. It takes time, but you'll get there if you keep the gym up and eat healthily.
scoutf Posts: 667
Thanks Elban, positive attitude will help. I've just been very down on my body image lately. Was so happy with my shape for the wedding and I thought 'grand I'll just keep this up'. Alas, no joy. But soon....hopefully
bridenl Posts: 454
Maybe you haven't been drinking enough water which would lead to water retention. Also if it was around that time of month it could be related to that as well
scoutf Posts: 667
It's definitely not time of the month. As to water retention I dont think thats something Ive ever really experienced. Although I drank a boat load in the gym anyway.
dresstoimpress Posts: 1719
Stay away from the scales!!!!!!!! Worst thing you can do is to keep weighing yourself when your working out. When I first started kick-boxing I put on half stone in the first month, but I also went down a dress size!!!! Measure yourself with a tape measure instead. Will make such a difference to your motivation, I promise!! Plus more muscle, means a higher metabolism so its all good :o)ll
TracyBarlow Posts: 943
Your muscles are retaining water and repairing themselves after working out, nothing to worry about, just drink lots of water, and cut down on the salt. ;o) You may also gain muscle quicker than you burn fat, so your weight may go up at first, keep at it, and you'll soon see results.
scoutf Posts: 667
Thanks ladies, feeling a lot better after reading your replies :)