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mrsmcgee2b Posts: 241
Pregnant B4 the wedding!!! it's not the having babies thing it's just it happens like so easy i always get caught was on injection & got caught although she is beautiful & wudn't change it now it's like OMG what if it happen's again & i 'm walking up the aisle with big bump ..really thinking of banning all nookie til the wedding nite! It's 15 wks away am i nutts or is anyone else feeling the same out there ...
mrs pitt Posts: 164
Try not to panic, but do keep being careful. I dont know much about the injection but I was thinking of maybe stopping the pill few months before wedding as have heard from friends that it can take few months to leave your system and we're going to start trying fairly soon after wedding.Ran it by doc who told me its just an urban legend that it takes that longto leave your system and she sees a lot of people get pregnant while engaged for that reason. So pill takers,beware! Maybe have a chat with your doc again or use an additional method too
goin-to-the-chapel Posts: 329
hi I am the same and I am not on the pill it doesnt agree with me at all we just been using protection and as much as I hate it is the best IMHO I did suggest the banning it till the wedding he nearly died and went mad and told me to shut up so that was that idea out the window
goin-to-the-chapel Posts: 329
hi just seen I am MINI delighted hahaha
mrswifey09 Posts: 1300
hey! Can totally relate to what your saying!! I've never been cought out but had a few close calls!! I was/am terrified of getting pregant since we got engaged...would love children and cant wait once we're married but want to wait for that, I put a "ban" on it up till recently, kind of relaxed a bit about it now as its only 7 weeks away so wouldnt be th end of th world!!! Im stil on the pill and scarely enough that has been enought for th past 7 years, but since th ban I make sure we use extra precaution now! try not to worry about it too much!! and enjoy th run up to thwedding.
mrsmcgee2b Posts: 241
well girls had great nite last nite >:o) and then mentioned that will be ur last hun til the wedding went down like a led balloon he nearly laughed himself outta da bed :o0 :o0 :o0 i mean does he think i've so little self control well he's in for a shock :o0 :o0 :o0 well unless the O-O r in ah who am i kidding 4mths is long time :o0 :o0 any wonder he laughed
fluffiesmam Posts: 1470
i must say, ye are strong women, i would have a major prob not having some "fun" for 4 months!!! couldn't do it!! saying that i did get pregnant on the pill but i am well aware what happened, mixture of running out on hols and getting sick!! anywho! that was Sept 2006 and the wedding is not until 2010 so i should be grand!! saying that i have the implanon in now, for 3 years from last Nov, so no need for the pill for a while and no banning of nookie for me!!!
bluesky Posts: 143
If it were me, Id be squeezing in as much safe nookie as possible, so that I souldn't have to squeeze into my dress! I wonder what the average time after the wedding that people planning on kids wait before they start trying? Anyone for a poll?
fluffiesmam Posts: 1470
hi bluesky, reluctantly for me, it wont be for a year at least after, as i will be going into my final year in college, otherwise, i wouldn't mind being a month or so gone on my day!! not enough to effect dress, it would be just h2b and i's little secret, ah well!! we already have a little man, and i think that makes it worse, cuz we know how fab it is!!
nutcake Posts: 1168
we really want a hooneymoon baby and was considering coming off the pill a couple of months before the wedding as am worried it mite take ages to get pregnant. i know a few girls who have taken years to get pregnant so am a bit freaked :eek dont know what to do for the best :o(