So stiff and sore @ 31 weeks

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lovethesite Posts: 1054
Girls, I'm wondering if ye can give some advice please. For the last week I feel like crap! Had been feeling great up to this but all of a sudden am like an old woman. Stiff getting up from chairs, sore in bed, sore legs during the day, constant back pain.... sorry I must sound like a right old moan bag. I'm just wondering is it normal to feel like this or I am just in bad shape and not fit. I wasn't expecting to feel like this until the very end :-( Is there anything i can do to help this, haven't tried anything really. Had planned some nights out over Christmas but if I feel like this I'll be going nowhere!! xx
Cats1 Posts: 215
You sound exactly like me and I'm 31 weeks too! Sore, uncomfortable, not sleeping, braxton hicks, everything... think it must be normal, although it's not nice at all!!!!
lovethesite Posts: 1054
Oh sorry to hear that hun, is this your first baby as well? It's hard to know what to expect on the first. I have a bad back anyway though so this isn't very surprising I suppose. Just finding it hard :-(
Silini2 Posts: 3834
Lovethesite you poor thing. I was the same on my first, constantly uncomfortable... Couldn't sit still as I had to keep moving as my back was sore. I was waddling around and I'd only walk a few meters when I needed to pee. Try to take it easy and cancel things if you are not able. Maybe mention it to gp too... Mind yourself xx
lila Posts: 982
Lovethissite - I'm the same. I am so uncomfortable these days at 31 weeks. Mentioned it to my consultant last week and all he said was 'yes its just going to get more uncomfortable unfortunately'. I'm expecting twins so max of 7 weeks to go for me. All part and parcel of pregnancy. Still though, it hasn't stopped me heading out on nights. If you have a break over xmas, try and rest as much as you can.
mummytime Posts: 3149
Don’t really feel stiff or sore but then I don’t have back trouble. I am starting to feel awkward though and finding things like tying show laces, climbing stairs, getting off the couch and turning in bed a chore. My baby’s head is well done now so I do notice the pressure when I am walking home in the evenings. I am tired in the evenings too. Pregnancy is bound to put pressure on a bad back. Just try and rest up and if you need a few days off work to re-charge your batteries, then take them.
Ljp Posts: 161
Gosh i defo could have wrote this post too, I'm 32 weeks tomorrow and was just thinking about how achy and sore i was this morn, and how glad i am that xmas hols start on fri. I have sore hips and legs when i get up in the morn from lying on sides and in general just achy and sore all over during the day. Nothing too serious, just uncomfortable. Had dh putting on my boots yest as bending down is so uncomfortable..Am like an old woman some days.... As the others said, i think we just need to be taking it easy and putting our feet up more...