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Mrsreddy Posts: 472
Hi Girls I'm so tired today - have a really bad tootache (wisdome tooth with a hole in it!!) have been putting off going to the dentist as i'm 10 weeks pregnant but think i'll have to go at this stage. took two paracetamol (sp?) last night around 1.30 because i couldn't sleep. in work now and dont know how i'm goin to last the day i'm so tired!! sorry about the rant feel a bit better now :-8 on a plus side i'm getting my scan tonight so that should keep me going :o)ll
tinyfeet Posts: 3482
Mrsreddy you poor thing. There’s nothing worse than wisdom teeth, the pain. :eek Get yourself to the dentist. That was one thing my GP told me was to visit the dentist at least once during my pregnancy. Still have to make an appointment! Good luck with your scan tonight! :o)ll
esmum Posts: 426
The tiredness alone is bad enough with out the added pain of toothache. Could you finish up early in work and head home for a rest.